what gives?

in the new economy, and unpredictable earnings… two things emerge: the fast track and the slow track, and the absence of gradations in between -richard reich, former secretary of labor

if i am correct, it was an executive from fisher investments who once declared that retention is what pounds our heads with the same repetitive things from gradeschool to graduate school and beyond.  however trivial it may sound, the nature of learning only benefits less than 1% of what our brain could actually perform to its fullest potential.  educational institution and false adages build these prison walls that limit the vastness of every person’s ability to free his or her mind.  on the contrary, nobody seriously advised on precluding educational goals. 

who works for what?  or should it be the other way around?

the only downside to years of traditional training is that time changes so fast that even annual revised publications cannot keep up with the pace of it.  similar to perpetual inventory’s principle?  maybe so. 

bottomline: do people really want to work for money?  or do they want to have money work for them?  maybe not all of us can see ourselves working at the same corporate building, no matter how posh or bigger than our backyard those corner offices may be.  but living life, with family and friends, and having incomes by the flick of a switch, or by every page turned in a book, do make sense to less than a percent of this population.  the percentage could be more nonetheless.

so what gives?  fear.  fear of losing.  fear of rejection.  fear of making mistakes.  warren buffet did not start berkshire hathaway without tackling one of the many obstacles in life.  still, he overcame it.  looking at it in one way, one who has cynophobia cannot approach a dog until he or she starts thinking that there is no such thing at all.  one who fears of losing or leaving a job will never know how to look for another one.  one who fears of losing a loved one will never be found by love.  one who fears failures will never see the glory of rising up in triumph.  transcribing a passage from the movie ‘unbreakable,’ the mother of mr. glass told him that he will fear playing outside all of his life if he lets fear take control of him.  did not recapitulate it well.  moreover, disclaiming the fact that i am no expert at clinical psychology, i am just stating that everything is a perception.  and not the medical perspective of it.  the description is beyond words.

why am i saying all of these?  i don’t know.  must be reading a lot of robert kiyosaki’s literature lately.  the financial matrix of the real world called the rat race. 

the 30-minute morning runs should be helping. 


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