valentine’s.  ahhh

the power of love.

with education, our minds are programmed to work for money.  yet it rarely taught us how to have money work for us.  there were some, however, who rectified the glitch out of the rat race.  the discovery of a next level in the system which coined multi-millionaires.  with discipline, hard work, and a lot of knowledge and information, that is.  discipline to make knowledgeable guesstimates to take risks and not avoid them; hard work because an apple fallling into newton’s serendipitous head, or pacioli’s double entry system served as liaisons to the wind and water of this world; and information, the perpetual asset lying as the present question and heir of 19th century land and industries during the marxist era.  does an investment in the air we breathe ring the next bells of real estate?

similar to bonds, love and people work the other way around.



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