you felt you had to breathe again.  not just a normal inhale and exhale, but a deep one that succumbs the inertia of all systems interdependently relying on its forceful nature.  the stress you’ve been feeling has been but a fraudulent functioning of your nerves, wrecking up to your brain.  it follows the inconsistency of comformity, and thus creates a dillusion of self-made righteousness. 

sunrise and sunset the yin and yang of fundamental perpetuity.  and they said the moon’s gravitational pull conquers the liquids of our vital organs.  i believe it does.  and the left creases on our bedsheets used as counter strategies to eliminate our very images.  someone thought that an occurence swiftly dictates itself through other entities, and i believe it does too.  like different dimensions singing in congruence, there should be a connection between the invisible forces of nature and the others.

hey, like i said… all i’m talking about is this funny feeling i have in my tummy.  my aunt told me that it’s only a muscle tissue growing and not any other alleged tumor.  a local news agency is also covering the dissection of siamese twins at ucsf this coming monday.  and all i will be seeing is her eyes covered in those disposable head cover and mask.


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