a friend’s life.  nothing as bad as chilling right after catching up with a friend. 

you say you are happy, that you think this is fun
but it’s only a firefly to the light of the sun
you say this is living; you feel so alive,
well, you know, everything dies

korean bbq… mm mm.  what can i say?  a friend from sactown came down to visit.  he used to live in san bruno where we’d hang out before going to ibiza.  i wonder why we all chose going to ibiza at that time.  i met him through a mutual friend when we checked out those spundae parties at ten15.  the mutual friend hailed from sactown but moved out to san jose.  always had the best pho in the bay area, i think.  i’d kick it with him when he visited his parents up there every once in a while.  we had the same circle of friends when an ex introduced me to him.  now that he’s been spending more time with his lady down south, he only heads up north very less often.  i haven’t gone up there in a while as well.  just another part of the road on the way to reno or tahoe.  no more drinkfests at 550 barnevald, no more frequent parties, more of the superbowl sunday type of barbeque shindig.  annually.  i didn’t care about driving from sf to san hoe and sactown, until all these financial responsibilities sardonically got my miscellaneous expenses on a lockdown.  all about life.

even my wonder
even my fear
only amount to a couple of tears

a life taken away.  you realize how the other problems in your life can be considered nothing until someone passes away.  tc, you’re in a better place now.  good times, i say.  good times.  always treasured.  my sincerest condolence to your family.  will be visiting them soon. 

…welcome to another day
it don’t seem that different ‘cuz nothing has changed
try to remember…

all i can hear is duncan sheik’s song playing in my head over and over again.  reasons for living.

reasons for living
never come cheap
and even your best ones can put me to sleep

tell me all your wildest dreams
i don’t really care you don’t know what they mean
raiding the closets; the skeleton keys
you know, it’s easier than you think

your reasons for living; are all very fine
they’re leaving me cold, though they’re not really mine

-duncan sheik


4 Comments on “”

  1. Ms_Crasy says:

    are those lyrics to a song?  dave attell?  i like the way he laughs.  it’s so .. robust, its the only word i can think of right now.  i should be on that show cause i’m an insomniac?  lol.  probably.  or are you calling me a comedian?  IM FLATTERED!  if not, then… Just kidding 🙂

    sorry to hear about your friend.. i know he’s probably in a better place, and as comforting as that may be, i cant even begin to fathom what it’d be like losing a close friend of mine..
    keep smiling…

  2. Ms_Crasy says:

    nah dude. i’m teena weena the worstest.  :*(

  3. Chiapet502 says:

    I’m sorry about to hear the loss of your friend.  god bless

  4. dingbatkim says:

    it’s great catching up w/ old friends.. makes u appreciate life, ppl, etc.. a little more when they suddenly aren’t around. just sucks to hear abt ur friend…

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