it’s weird how wanting to be near someone can distract everything in one’s life.

the fireworks display was on its countdown.  throughout the oceanic expanse of truism,  and i had one last look at the orange-filled late afternoon by the last july 4th sunset.  i came back to fort funston, this time holding someone else’s hand.  she provided the warmth throughout our slightly quivering bodies.  away from the crowd, away from it all, but all throughout the expanse of a horizon that covered the nothingness of a crisp, darkening sky.  it wasn’t emptiness, nevertheless.  the bottomless pit somehow had an end to it.  our thick coats were of help in some way, and our arms tangled underneath the sleeves.  i caressed her warm skin while her lips gently kept touching my neck.  no, i didn’t feel a nibble, but her breath kept me from freezing from the cold pacific breeze.  we kept on teasing each other while her company filled the void between us.  her short, flowing hair, her china eyes.  it’s been a while since i first saw those sparkling beauties behind the spectacles when i first went to her place.  the beauty that was never there.  wished this was going to be forever.  my head crept under her fragile shoulders. 

“wishes do come true,” the voice of the wind whispered.  i looked around and only saw a few affectionate couples with their dogs.  i quixotically zoned out with her while the display turned the evening into a magnificent memory of forever.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    u lucky fella….=P

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