i was reading anneli rufus’ “party of one: the loners’ manifesto” at barnes & noble just this sunday.  i somehow connected to it.  someone correct me if i’m wrong with my inference about this book, but if you mix rufus’ definition of a loner, going out with a bunch of his or her close friends into either a civilized or repugnant social sector, the loner won’t mind.  the loner can socialize like the rest of the flock.  eat, drink, interact, and be merry.  if you take away all of his or her confidants, he or she still won’t mind.  the loner can tread his or her way through the loud chatter and not be conscious of existence.  wherein this world has stigmatized the person living in solitude, human beings have overlooked the fact that all of these complex ideas in popular media and technology have mostly come from the depths of a single brainchild working amidst the abyss of social prevarication.

people need one another, and that’s a given preamble.  but on a personal note, those who seem to live off by themselves are even stronger intrinsically.  they have conquered the phobias of being left alone, facing threat without assistance, and relying on themselves for the highest form of brute power and intellect.  you see people mock others when they know their peers are listening and supporting them.  but you don’t see them do the same thing alone by themselves.  everything is a derivative of attention.  you know you’ve got it, but it won’t even elate itself if nobody notices.  that’s how people make the world go round sometimes. 

now don’t get me wrong, that i am somehow having bipolar disorder with my extensive understanding about the book.  but it’s all clear.  we have to act as civilized, educated, street-smart individuals.  but do not blame someone if he or she is not the type who wants to go “happyhouring” every workday with the rest, or chooses to enjoy the confines of a dimly lit study.  loners do not hate people, they do not hate socializing, but they choose an alternative form of austerity, something more of an intrepid self-analysis.  the more you know yourself, the less you disable others; or as how i paraphrased that from plato’s complete adage.  press here for this entry to explode in 10 seconds.

i think i go through all these phases.  as i keep on feeding off the industrial tsunami of global masterminds in the 38th parallel, the preemptive incrimination of my corroborative motives for à la ejército de liberaciòn nacional has naively fallen into the hands of a capitalist dogma.  my apologies goes out to chomsky for my undermining rhetorical comprehension.  i will try to understand and read between the lines next time.

disclaimer:  all theories are fictional and are only products of an entity called nobody.  there is no ad hominem or strawman involved here.  just an informal analysis of extensive reading that deemed useful for critical thinking.


3 Comments on “”

  1. Chiapet502 says:

    sounds like a really interesting book.  not to long ago i ate dinner alone at a nice restaurant…i thought i was going to feel like a loser…but it turned out actually quite nice

  2. Chiapet502 says:

    tee hee!  thanks   now i’m picture-taking whore!

  3. rkteck1245 says:

    i like taking pictures too, chia.  ‘just too lazy too post them.  too candid, anyway.  hahah

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