“nice picture,” i said. 


what if i combined my gene pool with hers, would my parents be proud to see what their future grandkids would look like?  i really haven’t thought of that since it’s going to be another 5 or 6 years until i start worrying about settling down with a family.  don’t get me wrong, i like kids.  no, not the michael jackson type of statement, but i would like to take care of my own kids.  this is why sometimes i’m pushing myself to at least stipulate and look forward to those work-free mornings; wherein i could change my kids’ ( make that kid’s, i’d like to see the first level of stress in the meantime ) diapers and watch nickelodeon without worrying about anything.  telecommuting’s always been an option, but what more if you’ve had a network of trustees taking care of the business for you?  everytime bill gates flicks a switch, billions of dollars keep trickling down his account.  ahh, dreams.  we gotta push them through by pushing ourselves.  not that we want to reach that breaking point.  an in-depth research strategy and split-second ticker timing can be coalesced to create the best market trust among blue chip / industrial companies for economic forecasting: jumping to that one big step of divulging relevant information to balance the scales of supply and demand within the national level.  ahh, too much journal.  sometimes i wanted to become an economist.  now how do i develop a softw… ahh, too late.  ok maybe another think tank bulb next time?  how about if i shut up and sell lemonade first?  nothing beats scribbling down errands on a random piece of scratch paper.  yesss ( mimicking megatron’s voice )

finally made it once again.  22.4 miles in a week.  3.2 miles in at least 45 minutes with sporadic 10-second sprints while ignoring the somewhat brittle screams of my shin bones.  you do the math.  big deal.  billions out there have done better.  what’s next,  borrow the dance dance revolution mat and get my step on to one of those upbeat drum n bass tracks for 45 minutes?  it looked like getting back to that protein shake did show some results.  hello, cuts.

so what’s with the 1245?  another revelation.  after having the 10-key as my buddy for a while, i realized that the numeric phrase nominally represents the condensed total of a daily faith phrase encrypted in simple pager code.  yeah, that’s another junk info for the rest.  but not for me.  now it made sense…

your tears were like angels, and memories seemed to fly…


7 Comments on “”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Goodness gracious, your mind seems to be exceeding the speed limit there, buddy! Either that, or your your run-time =) Props on the time. I’m workin on it myself. As far as innovative ideas, I have a couple up my sleeve that I MAY be willing to let you in on. Actually maybe it’s not a good idea cuz they can get you arrested. Haha. Have a dope weekend!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Minus that second “your” LOL

  3. rkteck1245 says:

    hmm, mona. we may have the same b40’s and dboy’s flipping the roper.  oh, i’ve chilled off the mouthpiece stacking. hehe.
    good luck on your program!

  4. Barbs says:

    kids…EEKS!!!!!!! no thanks….at least u’re forward-planning. 
    as for running–keep it up keep it up! i only did 6 miles last week. =(

  5. rkteck1245 says:

    not now yet though, barbs.  but someday. 
    hey, better 6 miles than none at all.  right?

  6. Chiapet502 says:

    awww how cute…diapers and nickelodeon

  7. rkteck1245 says:

    i used to babysit my younger sisters and cousins, chia.  i believe the real thing would be different.

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