i admit it, i’m one of xanga’s slaves. 

the weather is so, so nice.  i should make the most out of this week before i determine what final decision i come up with.  every venture always takes a lot of risk, some of them even happen through serendipity.  how weird.  when you don’t expect the good to happen, it happens.  but of course there are a lot of factors to this probability.  someone just told me that you can’t lay all of your cards on a table that doesn’t have concrete feasibility.  hey, at least you tried, right?  better to have done something than not getting the experience at all.  but still, there should be a contingency plan no matter what.  and always expect for the worse.  too much overrated statements, but still a classic.

i’m thinking of going down to the city tonight to visit a bunch of friends.  maybe tomorrow.  i’ve been wasting too much gas and spending money that could probably run my expenses within the next couple months.  capital is so risky and tempting.  i still have my partially used commuter check.  i don’t want to be a hassle asking them to pick me up at the station.  i miss riding the muni car train to downtown while living in the city. 

‘just passed by the san bruno bart station while doing errands with a friend yesterday.  never looked better.  then sf international is opening next.  then millbrae.  i’m assuming that a one-way fare amounts to over 5 bucks; but then, it should be worth it.  more commuting, less smog.  i hope. 

so after not seeing this girl for decades, i finally got a hold of her through good ole friendster.  this site makes such wonders that i’m getting hooked to it as well.  i met her through the wedding rehearsals, had a good time with her during the post-reception, and then nothing right after.  for months having thoughts of her was always in the backburner.  i never really had the appropriate and reasonable time to dive into one for a while.  priorities were killing me like a mofo. 

and now?  hmm….  but if someone finds out about my entry about her, i’ll be busted big time.  oh well; whatever happens, happens.  but i swear to God, she’s my dream girl!!!


6 Comments on “”

  1. elainelim says:

    oh my goodness, go for it! don’t let your dream girl slip out of your fingers… not everyone gets a 2nd chance! =)

  2. Anonymous says:

    haha..that’s sweet that u got ur mom a crochet! maybe she can teach u! =)
    *good luck w/ your dream girl! =P

  3. cute_t says:

    are you gonna make friend(ster)s with your dream girl… and build a real life… and quit xanga cold turkey to impress her?  b/c that’s a true test of priorities… 

  4. rkteck1245 says:

    thanks kris.  hope all is well down there as well.
    yeap, cute_t.  i’m gonna go out with her this weekend.  it’ll be much more of a friendly hangout and we’ll see how it goes from there.  thanks.

  5. Anonymous says:

    hehe… thats soooooooo cute!!! u should totally go for it… wats the worst that could happen u know? aww… i wish i had a crush  >=[

  6. rkteck1245 says:

    ayami, kinoo watashi wa tomodachi kara eiga no kippu o moraimashita. issho ni eiga o mimasen ka? oh, i was supposed to ask that to the girl tomorrow. heheh.

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