went grocery shopping with one of my roommates earlier.  we were out of toilet paper.  on the way to safeway, km recounted staying back home in irvine with all of his older sisters.  his mom claimed that tissue paper was a superfluous basic commodity in the household when he and his sisters used to live together.  they all got their own professional lives, but he surely would be meeting them when he’d fly back home this tuesday.  i suspected his family wanted to celebrate the 21st birthday of their youngest and only brother.  i’d also do the same.  of korean descent, he only understood the language while most of his older sisters knew how to speak it.  the oldest one finally got her dream job after taking another course with a master’s degree.  according to her, she wasn’t satisfied with the engineering field and decided to do something that would really appeal to her life-longed passion.   it’s never too late to do anything in life.  i wanted to serve and help people by any means.  business seemed to be a paradox for some.  not for me.  i used to read a lot of these books about people’s star signs.  every text i read always had the statement that virgos were bound to serve.  they could be right about some of my persona’s nuances, but now i believed that everything could happen through faith, tremendous hard work, persistence and… what was the other one again?

leaving, on a sunday afternoon.  i found it nice driving along 101 while the sun set down on the horizon, and all i could hear was my own voice deafened by the tracks of incubus, stp, hoobastank, and the foo fighters.  couldn’t hear my friend’s voice, the entire scenario viscerally engulfed me song after song.  up for round 2 in the next life-learning experience.

learning is good.  knowing about people’s good traits and hidden talents, the lyrics to an overplayed favorite track on the radio,  new words to be remembered and applied in writing, that silence can be so enticing, that love can either be lost forever or rekindled to last as a steady glow in one’s life,  that understanding that moving on is freedom in itself, and those very, very lowest moments that need to be treated as life’s greatest lessons. whatever the cause, stumbling is always part of life.  we just need to know how to get back up and avoid it in the aftermath.

i need to take a break.  i’m getting hella addicted to xanga.  socializing through the information superhighway is so innovative yet very contagious.


12 Comments on “”

  1. bipolarmeow says:

    hehe… i like reading ur introspective entires…most times it makes my hyperactive self calm down for about 5 seconds=)

  2. cute_t says:

    if you discover the cure for xanga… could you please let me know!

  3. rkteck1245 says:

    thanks, bpmeow.  your entries such as your club scene experiences and those simple things about your kitten are also very interesting to read.  jolene hasn’t gotten back to me yet regarding your friendster identity.  in time, i’ll add you to the list.
    cute_t, i haven’t found it yet.  see, i’m back again.  ahh!!!  let’s see if i can endure the withdrawal symptoms of having no entries for a week.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Freddie, what did you want me to tell you about bipolarmeow?!  I can’t reveal her identity, it’s top secret.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have to have her permission first, by the way.  Haha!!!

  6. rkteck1245 says:

    jolene, dude!!!! my name!!!! 
    oh wellz. i don’t want to delete your precious *coughtopsecretcough* message.  hehe

  7. Chiapet502 says:

    who’s tattyana?

  8. rkteck1245 says:

    oops.  sorry, chia5.  i kinda know tatty from her distinctive friendly style of addressing our usernames first when she replies to our comments.  or i must be just missing out on who did that first?  there are no recent posts on her site anymore.  still, i wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

  9. dingbatkim says:

    u can’t take a break.. no one is allowed to leave the evil world of xanga!!! LOL

  10. rkteck1245 says:

    i know, kim.  that’s why i thought everybody missed you while you were out.. hehe

  11. Barbs says:

    sometimes i get great revelations when i drive too.  it’s the solitude i think and the fact that u’re doing something (driving) and going somewhere but ur brain is also free to just wander.

  12. rkteck1245 says:

    yeah barbs, it’s a nice day today and i think i should head out to the beach.  it’s my last week of vacation, and now i’m thinking of leaving the daily toils of corporate america.  i want to help out in another business before i get back to another edumecation.  this driving and musing should be a good getaway.

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