lavoisier discovered oxygen, darwin evolution; an apple fell in newton’s sight, and mozart had a dirty mind – stephen jay gould

location: sta. monica beach
mission: run at least 3 miles
time: 45 minutes
incentive: nothing but a good workout

i’m so tired, and my muscles are so sore.  the torrent of the gales even made my vastus medialis and gluteus maximus work harder throughout the long stretch of sand.  i can hear the resounding phrase of “i want to forgive my enemies” coming out of my brain as it synchronizes with my breathing.  i can fully consider myself as a morning person.  tired of the tri-weekly parties, my inveterate passion for a virile productive experience transferred to lower yet natural forms.

after lifting weights and running a good 3.2 miles in norcal before the trip, i decided to make the most out of this travel in my own pace.  homegirl from nyc wasn’t returning my calls.  ‘must have been too busy with his man.  well, there’s always a next time to visit.  i must have saved over 60% although i wanted to check jet blue out.  my co-workers had been telling me about it.  yeah, in due time.  i wasn’t sure if i could still make it back to great america with my friends in sf tomorrow.  plus the house party that same evening.  i knew my puerto rican buddy still liked to hang out with his lady here in the valley.  he spent the night at the girl’s place, while i decided to pay some of my friends in the area a visit. 

maybe i should visit my relatives as well.  “what? you’re back again?” can be the impending response.  i knew my aunt liked having family over at her place.  she’s the only one who moved down to socal.  most of my mom’s side of the family lived in norcal… well, there’s one in idaho.  maybe i should start a branch in the east coast, preferably nyc.  i dunno.  funny.

let’s get this over with…

oh, a homee’s promoting his website.


4 Comments on “”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a good workout there but I hope ur ok though! i’m actually residing at rowland n probably won’t be back to NC till next summer/winter. nyc huh? =D

  2. Barbs says:

    didn’t it feel great tho when u finished?? keep it up!

  3. Chiapet502 says:

    personally, i think sex on the beach would just as be equivalent to your workout.  

  4. rkteck1245 says:

    nice kris, hopefully time will help with the preparation.
    yeah, barbs.  just did another one back in norcal today.  ‘never felt better.
    chia502, i’m following the legendary comment style of tattyana in memory of her.  ditto from my comment on your site

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