happy friday!!!  i shouldn’t be writing much.  there were a lot of things that happened while i’m enjoying out there.  but the same interesting things came out to recurring attraction in theatres.  everybody’s seen different versions, sequels, and prequels of it. 

always showing:  this thing called love. 

i’ve been hanging out with friends whom i thought belonged to the broken hearts club.  and now i end up being the chronicle of their emotionally-juxtaposed lives.  too much details to entail, yet quite enlightening and universal to the seasoned heart.  i believe everyone knows how it feels. 

how does it feel, anyway?  or let me just elaborate.  is it when you wake up and you don’t feel like getting out of the bed?  it’s amazing to know that your pillow will always be there to share your feelings with you.  is it when you get a missed phone call and you get crazy when you end up getting a voicemail when calling back?  you can’t bombard a million ring tones into the other cel coz… i just said coz.  is it just a word misconstrued that lashes out an argument that can take hours to finish?  i now believe that one word can take a long way with any conversation.  is it the loneliness you feel after  the fun with your friends that night is gone, and all you long for is that caressing touch that you used to always go home to every night?  your body does turn a bit stiff after not having that for a while.  is it the lack of concentration from everything ( work, school, errands, or whatever) because of that single thought about what just happened?  oh you can go caca with that all day long.  oh, make that weeks or months. 

yes, i know how it feels.  time drags so slow that it can hurt and disable.  but emptiness has already engulfed itself and the verisimilitude of such weakness can only be zilch against the perspective of a sturdier mental foundation. 

now take it away, d’angelo.


3 Comments on “”

  1. cute_t says:

    i am not just a member, but i’m the club president.  okay… not quite president… just the mascot.

  2. rkteck1245 says:

    haha, cute_t.  it is that fine thread that binds everyone with a similar situation together.  did you just talk to the board regarding raising membership fees again?  jk!

  3. Anonymous says:

    ur blogs are so interesting and deep… i just wish that i could understand it more clearly… this is what i get for not reading during highschool i guess =x
    ur words are very pretty tho… ❤

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