after checking my credit card account, i realized that the rental car company incurred additional charges for gas.  ‘called them to reconcile but i guess it was my fault in the first place.  oh well.  the trip to l.a. was worth it.

and speaking of which, i’m going down again in a few minutes.  whoohoo, talk about last minute decisions.  nyc might be a bit more expensive.  on to my second week of cheap vacation… happy, happy friday!!!


2 Comments on “”

  1. DigitalChick says:

    thanks for sharing your comments (regarding my Father’s Day post) . . . I am trying to move on from it, but instead, I find myself just “pretending” like this problem does not exist. If and when my dad admits his mistake, will i be fully able to forgive him.
    Enjoy your time in LA

  2. Anonymous says:

    Geez, I so need a road trip. Take me with u! LOL. Anyway, have fun there and remember to check your fluids and tire pressure =)

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