ahh, the joys of slowing down without worrying about anything.  maybe i should start venturing into a teeny-weeny business.  or maybe i should visit a friend in nyc this week.  it takes a lot of risk and social coordination to get these things going.  i’ve known young peepz who started their own businesses and got them running pretty good.  it’s a full-time commitment, by the way.  i might forego with the incessant cash flow until sometime.  how about now?  yes, now. 

with only an hour of sleep at my parents’ house yesterday, i had quality time with the family.  watched animatrix.  i didn’t quite get the philosophy of each 10-minute series.  i’m still a big matrix fan, regardless.  everyone except my dad wasn’t home because of work.  summer was no schoolwork for my mom; and i was just chillen like a villain with my brothers and sisters.  also went to morning mass with my mom and younger brother, a sort of thanksgiving for his birthday.  i still wish him well with the real estate venture.  then drove down to sf…

the weather was gorgeous.  hung out at barnes and noble for a while.  i felt sleepy but i still had the urge to read so i got me a caramel frap.  my friends were still doing their thing and i didn’t mind the wait.  i didn’t get to visit my relatives in the area.  i should mark that sometime. 

now about what i was reading, it’s absolutely true that your decision-making faculties can be impaired if you let your feelings dominate your system.  i think that everyone knows the credulity of the marshmallow test.  haha, now you know what i’m talking about.  i see people lose their tempers in the workplace, and they end up making the wrong professional decisions.  friends who spurt out the most insulting language to their peers feel guilty for not letting their minds do the rationalizing first.  some individuals instantly get physical after being overwhelmed by a fiery argument, and they end up regretting what they did a few moments later.  or worse, the law is after them after the inappropriate misconduct.  moreover, the well-known incident of a father shooting his daughter after mistakenly identifying her for a burglar in their house.  all these emotional hijacking.  their proper ability to think is blocked by fear, anger and frustration.  ok, enough talk.  i just liked this field of knowledge because i want to improve myself and not preach like a madman.  just wanted to share my scholarly analysis and understanding.  i went off tangent.  i was talking about my 3 hour stretch of extensive reading.  yes, yes.

went to a friend’s house in the city.  played wwf and watched star wars episode 2.  jc’s a big star wars fan and he claimed to have watched the dvd a million times after he bought it.  i saw it in the theatres while sneaking vodka with my cousin and her man.  a former co-worker whom i bumped into made us cut through the long stretch of people waiting to see the movie the weekend it came out. we shared the drinks with him and his friend.  whoa, i didn’t know yoda had some secret talent.  getting off-tangent #2.

then back to south city to visit another friend.  while we were in the grocery store, he caught a glimpse of this one cute girl walking with her mom and sisters.  i thought i wanted to help, so i approached the mom, who passed me to the older sister, and asked her if i could have my friend get to know the girl.  well, i thought at least he’d establish rapport.  the next time they’d see each other, the game’s up to him.  rc’s apparently my homegirl’s younger brother, and we somehow ended up hanging out because of the same circle of friends.  then off to another friend’s pad in san bruno.

gj is one lucky motherfucker.  his uncle bought a house and offered the place to him in the meantime; well, until he resells it.  he just got himself a new ride as well.  i was happy for all of his blessings.  he said that he had been living home alone for over two weeks.  “…and you have a lady? yeah right!” was our impulsive tease.  but i knew he respected his lady big-time.  ‘also glad that the girl’s parents liked him a lot.  he just had a phat argument with her the other night so the rest of us gave out any advice that might help in one way or another.  another friend eventually arrived from the daily toil, bringing a box of pizza.  there goes my regimen.  but i’d rather have the friendship go first.  just chilled, talked about what’s going on among us.  i might go back there later to hang out and spend the night with the circle.  house party?  um, no.  this circle just liked chilling.  the usual shit talking over drinks.

10:30ish.  i was about to bounce when my friend’s phone rang.  a girl that he just met and had been talking to was in the city.  she wanted to meet him.  the mofo impulsively replied that he had to spend time with us.  after overhearing the conversation, we objected in unison against what just went on.  imagine if you were passing by the girl’s area after doing your primary mission, and you decided to call her because you were in the hood anyway, but the girl said she couldn’t at least see or meet up with you.  how would you feel?  i knew there were a lot of reasons to counteract my rationale, but we ended up telling our friend to meet her up.  she still must be driving down the freeway on her way back to the east bay a few minutes after their talk.  he called her back but the girl must have gotten mad after what he just said.  after a few attempts of her not answering his calls, he left a voice message that he was gonna follow her down to her place.  the girl called back.  she sounded happy according to rm.  it was only going to be a meetup and nothing else.  i volunteered to caravan with my friend to hayward while the rest had already adjourned back to their pads.  i could take that way anyway. 

hey, all for a friend. 


4 Comments on “”

  1. Chiapet502 says:

    ewww…that’s nasty!  at least you are a good friend

  2. rkteck1245 says:

    honestly, nothing happened.  they just talked outside the girl’s place and we left right after.  i deleted a previous sentence because it did sound like it was just for a booty call or some one-night hookup.  haha, i’m so defensive now. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    Partying this weekend man!?

  4. elainelim says:

    how was the animatrix? i still haven’t seen it!!!
    what kind of business are you thinking about starting up? i’ve wanted to do that but don’t have the guts…

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