the due date for this damn traffic school is today, june 16th.  i just finished the online exams by 2:30am.  as i pulled for my wallet to do my online credit card payment, i realized that i left it at my parent’s place.  ‘called my brother; i could either pick it up when he gets to ucsf or i could also drive back up if worse comes to worst.  well, i just woke his ass off this early morning so might as well drive up. 

it took me almost an hour getting ready to drive back.  i got stuck in friendster for quite a bit.  honestly, i know a bunch of peepz in my network but i was debating about my definition of adding them as my friends.  i’m suspecting that the definition of the term is technically relative to everyone.  friendster is the good circle’s network of friendly platitudes and testimonials.  you realize that out of the thousands of people subscribing to this website, there are still millions whom you can potentially meet in different ways.  uh, yah.  the transcient monologue right here, ladies and gentlemen.  even this xanga.  i was supposed to keep this on the downlow.  but why the reprobate covertness?  all i ever wanted was to record any deserving events and look back at them for any significant future reference.  i graduated from my mini organizer wherein i logged one-word events and whatnot.  so yeah…  fixed my room, brought my laundry back with me, and off to the drive.

what did i see on my way to rents’?  blinking yellow and red lights on the streets.  a lot less cars driving slower.  i guess it’s a good time to use the cruise control.  i’m not in a rush, anyway.  i opened the moon roof for quite a bit and started sticking my hand to feel the soothing early morning breeze.  the sky was clear.  the sky’s darker shade of blue reminded me of van gogh’s starry starry night.’  and back to the house after half an hour. 

you’d ask, “you’d do that on a (bleep) monday?  how the (bleep) can you (bleep) do that (bleep) when either you (bleep) got (bleep) work or (bleep) whatever and (bleep) (bleep) (bleep) (bleep) (bleep) (bleep) (bleep) (bleep) (bleep) (bleep)?”  oh yes, i’m on my vacation.  and the rest of the cheese comes in eventually.  fun with censors.

father’s day, father’s day.  ‘forgot paying a tribute to my dad.  the card wasn’t enough.  so yeah…

i knew him as the stingiest, overly impractical mofo during my childhood days.  i’d have to come up with at least 10 receipts for proof of transaction and an affidavit to make him consider his financial contributions to any of my miscellaneous expenses.  he cancelled the rest of my dental appliance adjustment session because i broke another school’s brand new electric guitar.  thank God for mom’s sneaky reconsideration.  after asking money for the test tube that i broke in chemistry lab, he still wanted the measly change.  i was like wtf?  a dime and a penny for what?  i had to pout my ass off in 3rd grade just to get that transformers toy at the mall.  he’d give me these free toastmaster’s magazines thinking that i’d make use of them in my speech clubs.  i got kicked out of the house three times because of my rebellion against him.  ooh, the young and restless days.  i didn’t see him doing the same treatment to my younger siblings, i must have been his lab rat.  a wild one. 

i learned a lot from his personality, nevertheless.  i learned to value money and optimize my possessions until they rendered useless.  i learned to make the most out of everything if i thought he obnoxiously claimed he couldn’t help me financially.  i learned to be more self-sufficient and the best… financially independent.  moreover, i became more resourceful with networking.  it was the value per se that helped me become a better person. 

my dad always beat me at chess during my gradeschool years.  i mimicked his moves and awestruck my classmates who pretentiously didn’t know about these fundamental, archaic moves.  we played tennis every saturday morning and i’d end up scratching his rackets.  he was forced to buy me my own.  i haven’t played with him for years although he still plays once in a while.  i saw him play basketball during gradeschool.  i started loving and playing any team sport until i focused on one in junior high.  he got me my first guitar in fifth grade.  i started playing with it every night and learned a lot from that time on.  he got mad at my first nose ring, and now i don’t have any piercings at all.  lots of memories to grow up on…

and here’s to my dad, belated happy father’s day again.  i wonder where you put that jav cd that i gave you for christmas. 

should i sleep now?


3 Comments on “”

  1. Anonymous says:

    yah uuu.
    hMMm… i’m not sure if you had fun or not… but seems like you did alot =D
    i kind of wish i grew up with a dad… or a mom heh.  =T

  2. bipolarmeow says:

    hmm… i think i would have just asked them to read me the numbers on the credit card and then got it later today or over the weekend… =P  but sounds like u enjoyed the drive… and you SUCK… i wanna be on vacation too.. sniff sniff

  3. Cocooned says:

    I was just browsing blogs and got to this page.  Sounds like you had a nice childhood… good and bad. eProps for you! =)

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