happy father’s day.  i’ve just had my fair share of the sunny weather.  and now my eyes are killing me.  i think it’s because of too much video games.  i had a chill time just hanging out with a bunch of good friends.  that’s all i asked for.  after one game of hoops at the park, i just felt i should get back to another sport big time.  running and working out might just need a hand.  i missed playing a team sport at least 5 times a week.  someday…

i couldn’t blame the alkie.  i really didn’t drink that much this weekend.  there would be times that i just didn’t feel like drinking and this was one of those times.  one friend invited me to hang out with a bunch of people at a bonfire in ocean beach last night.  i was so tired from the entire day so i didn’t go.  fiesta filipino was aight.  some roots to go from there.  i guess it’s an alkie video game weekend for me.  oh, i missed being drunk while playing bowling.  one of these days. 

homegirl just asked me to hang out.  i’m all the way up north.  maybe i should go back to the bay tonight.  after church, that is.  watching road rules just reminded me of my fijian friend.  he’s been too busy with his lady these days.  the hookup count has been rising among the circle.  and some drama in the bahamas with some couples.  ahh, the power of love.  i thought they understood when i had my days.  they were always there for me.  what did i have to lose?  nothing but good friendship that i could count on forever.  i liked being in relationships, and i was grateful for being a part of such memories and learning experiences.  but not at this point yet.  i’d settle down when time calls for it. 

the gift of life itself is the bestest thing that i could ever have in this world.  everything is an ephemeral passing, and there should be a way out of every problem.  if not, then another door opens.  this could just be the beginning for some social altercations.  i’m moving on, mr. former university finance professor.  your front is over.  if not me, someone else will.  if not now, sometime sooner or later…

ahh, what a nice day today.


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  1. Barbs says:

    sometimes staying in playing vid games is just the thing… =)

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