freaks of the industry.  i’ve been hearing that track on the radio for quite a while now.  for once it was played at a wedding reception when the groom was taking the garter off with his mouth from the bride’s legs.  oh, i’d say that song is a classic.  and i knew some naughty couples who liked to play that classic hit because it could blaze the heat in their rooms.  talk about raw animal s..  tsk, tsk, tsk.  naughty, naughty.  come over here and lemme give you a spanking.

i was amazed when titanpinay claimed that the track wasn’t that poppin in socal compared to norcal.  i was assuming  that popular digital underground beat was all over the place.  i could be wrong.  now how did we get to that conversation again?  oh, the choices…  it was a pleasure talking to you, by the way.  i’m always down to meet new friends, online or not.

after that huuge lunch at the cheesecake factory with one of our directors and the accounting department, i decided not to eat tonight.  ok, i bought 4 boxes of o.j. to keep me going for this evening.  i knew i wouldn’t be able to finish those next week; moreover; i wanted to share the wealth with my roommates.  father’s day is feast day.  saturday nigth is alkie night.  friday night is… what?  alkie night again?  my roommate just took out some kimchi off the fridge to bring some to his lady’s place.  bah, now i’m hungry.  well, i could wait.

i kept on bumping into old acquaintances these days.  last night was an old classmate in blockbuster.  i thought of her as a cheerful belle camarade, pretty rambunctious in a good way.  and then tonight was a good mentor at safeway.  i’d say he’d consider yale’s acceptance letter for grad school.  his own discretion, by the way.  old timer homegirl called for the list of songs that she heard in one of my burned cd’s while i was driving.  ‘couldn’t find the right list of names since i lost all of my mp3’s from the last disk drive disaster. 

working out and running tomorrow early morning, i will.  sound like yoda, i am.  speaks weird, he does.  other languages with similar sentence structure like that, there are.  ahh, i didn’t get it quite right.  oh well.

well the answer is d, all of the above. haha


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