so lately some hacker has been getting into my personal e-mail and sending a lot of spam to a bunch of other accounts.  i end up opening my mail with curious and annoyed replies.  it’s only mail.  you got male.

i got into my car at the bart station and called my cousin who had just asked me to hang out with her at danville.  the weather was just about perfect after the overcast morning prelude and i felt like doing another 3-mile run.  she said she could cook dinner at her place in vallejo.  2 choices:

a.  go back to my pad to burn fat and fuel
b.  kick it with her at danville, free dinner later

i chose b.  i thought of doing the exercise by late evening.  nothing wrong with that i guess.  moreover, my pect’s and tri’s are still sore from last night’s workout.

traffic along 24 was a bit of a drag.  680 south wasn’t really.  it’s been a while since i haven’t visited my aunts in that area.  her family went out of town so my cousin offered to do some errands in the house while they were away.  surfed tv for a short while until we thought it was safe to hit the freeway.  my cousin took some chocolates out of the pantry and offered some to me.  choices, choices…

a.  refuse the chocolate, i’m trying to get along with my program
b.  screw the program… for now.  it’s only for a day. 

i chose b.  besides i’m hanging out with with my closest cousin.  i’d rather sieze the day with her and get back with the program within the next few days.  there always are deviations and exceptions to any system, if allowed that is.  then there’s the makeup part.  it was only a fun-size bar though.  24g of fat.  dayam.  lots of sugar.  hot dayam.  oh well…  it’s time to burn.

i realized that i’m almost running out of gas and it’s about 20 minutes to get back to her place.  i liked taking chances but i didn’t want to keep my cousin waiting just because of this small issue.  should i…

a.  drive anyway and just call her when i think i am just about to run out of gas big time along the freeway?
b.  go to the nearest gas station and pump gas? better safe than sorry.

yeah, better safe than sorry.  b it was.  the gas looked more expensive in this side of the boonies so i decided to pump whatever was sufficient for the drive to her place and back to mine.  up to 680, through benicia bridge, and 780.  the sun shimmered through the entire horizon.  a dash of jazz and all was well for the drive.  for some reason i felt hungry.  i was salivating like pavlov’s dog when i thought of the chicken teriyaki, curry, and veggies that my cousin was planning to cook tonight.  hit up some of my friends to catch up with them.  lots of good plans for this weekend besides father’s day.  i just bought a card for my dad.  ‘hope he likes it.  sunday’s back to family.  tomorrow, change my oil and check out this one place my friend just moved into in south city.  thursday and the rest, workout.  exited columbus parkway, and to her pad after a few minutes. 

my cousin loved cooking ever since she got her own place.  less eating out, more experimenting with recipes.  her man was a good cook too.  still having that earthy personality, his family runs a good chain of bakeries in the bay area.  they’ll be the next couple in our to-be-wed list among the cousins within our age.  she, being half-japanese and half-filipino, and her man, pure chinese, can just add a little spice to the family’s posterity.  i think.  7 years and going strong.  i couldn’t even go past that.  longest that i had was 4.  then 2, then 1…  the prima facie of affection changed its course on me.  sophism and independence.  love and despair.  watched ‘maid in manhattan’ over dinner.  i was so full.  watch it, tummy.  you’ll get your beating soon enough. 

the drive back.  despite the laziness to go out again for a good workout, i ended up picking the 25’s in my room to workout on my biceps.  squeeze it, squeeeezeeee  iiiiittttt…

my upper body’s sore now.  *groans…

a.  keep on blogging
b.  go to sleep. 

the answer’s b.  no more deriding sequels after this one.

i was a big ‘choose your own adventure’ bookworm in gradeschool. 


5 Comments on “”

  1. elainelim says:

    mm.. chocolate can never be refused.
    keanu used to play in dogstar but i guess he’s somewhat recently switched to some band named becky. it’s kind of sad that everyone seems to just pay attention to keanu at becky gigs but that’s life, i guess!
    how much was your season pass to GA?

  2. bipolarmeow says:

    oh wow… u are in my personal network of friends on friendster… just saw the pictures=)  now it’s up to you to figure out who i am… LOL

  3. TitanPinay says:

    hey there
    lol i like ur entry a lot.. reminds me of this one song. Anyway, u shouldn’t think about ur weight so much. ur worst than me and i thought guys weren’t that concerned on what they eat. Anyway, thanxs for hitting mai page. Take care

  4. Tattyana says:

    a.  give you one eprop.
    b.  give you two eprops.
    i choose b.

  5. Chiapet502 says:

    thanks for your thoughts and support

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