great america, here i come…  it doesn’t look like it’s nice out there.  but, oh well.  i want to go out with my friends to have some fun.    

the wedding reception was great.  cocktails, met new people.  i had a good time although we had to sneak out by 10:30ish for the house party in belmont.  the couple hasn’t even cut the cake yet.  what a good strategy for making the moment last longer.  i betcha the dancing must have started by 11ish or so.  the restaurant, where the reception was held at, had a good view of the san francisco bay.  it was along the shoreline, and the streets, i’d say, were just perfect for an aimless strolling with a significant other.  already tipsy with a bunch of cocktails and brewskies, the ambience turned into a lounge-type of scene when the lights gradually dimmed out and the city and bay lights turned on.  c’est la vie.

well, the house party ended up being broken by the po’s.  someone broke out a fight and now my friend was stuck because his ride, parked on his other friend’s driveway, was blocked by a cop car.  hence, the microcosmic definition of preemption.  the funny thing was he only lived a block away from where the party was held at.  and i thought he wanted to master the art of staggering with a huge percentage of alkie within a short distance to his bed.

ok, gotta head to the shower now.  sunday, bloody, sunday and this week is going to be the jumpstart of another strenuous exercise season… again.  au revoir.


3 Comments on “”

  1. lizbiz says:

    they were actually mango mojitos. 

  2. elainelim says:

    i wish i was as motivated as you with exercising… ugh!
    how was great america? never been there before.
    yep, they sell chocolate at the jelly belly factory along with lots of other types of candy! jelly belly is made by some company called goelitz and they are also responsible for candy corn… that’s your candy lesson for the day.

  3. bipolarmeow says:

    mmm… i wanna go to great america too… haven’t been there in a while… but i’m such a chicken about the rides… my friends had to help me off drop zone cuz my legs were like rubber=p

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