the soother turned into a loud fog horn, and i was like whoa.  the sun was shining so bright like whoa.  i woke up and realized that i can’t even get to the next level of warcraft 3 and i’m like whoa.  my mom was looking for my younger brother and she was still cool when she found out he slept over at a girl’s place, i’m like whoa.  haha, too much black rob cubes in my coffee.

after realizing that it was my one of my younger sister’s graduation from middle school, i decided to drop everything yesterday and head back to my parents.  well, here i am.  still finding a strategy to this warcraft3 game.  took me forever last night.  i should be back to the real world later on.  a homee’s friend is throwing a house party at belmont later.  or maybe i should go with a friend to a wedding in sausalito if all goes well.  i wonder what i should do first before i head back to the city?  pass by my pad coz maybe i need to take some stuff?  no special plans really.  christopher cross’ ‘sailing’ is playing.  it feels so exhilarating listening to it while the sun rays silhouette the blinds facing the morning sun.  i’m retrogressing here; earth, wind and fire playing ‘hearts of fire.’  i guess i better situate my plans first.  but definitely to the city tonight.  then great america tomorrow.  oh shoot, i almost forgot about that.

like whoa!!


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