happy friday!!!! i peered through the window and all i see is… gray.  and yet, happy friday!!!  no work anyways.  working at least 9 hours a day, the aggregate 81 hours in 2 weeks makes it up for the 3-day weekend every other week.  happy friday!!!  what to do, wut tah do…

so i finally did some errands in my pad, still didn’t get back with running and lifting weights.  some former gym buddies say that a week’s break makes the muscles recover.  i think i went over that.  still, i’m getting back to it.  going back to my parents in a bit.  maybe i should stroll over my area for once.  it’s been a while since i haven’t walked around besides going to the asian ghetto.  back in the city, all i ever did was drive.  i’d either freeze or be exhausted making it to other places if i did otherwise.  by the time i moved to my first abode along channing, all i ever did was walk along the shattuck strip, buy dinner and other stuff, read books, rent dvd’s, and so much more of the simple things that i used to do a lot.  as of late, my lifestyle has changed again.  i must have overlooked the accessibility of these streets for walking.  according to one of east bay express’ back issues last year, this place was ranked 2nd among the most safest places for pedestrians in california.  i forgot what the first was.  so yeah, lemme start walking later on.  it’s only been over a week and i felt like i haven’t walked around forever. ha!

for some reason that carpenters song keeps playing in my head.  don’t get me wrong, my parents made a big carpenters fan out of me.  beatles, america, lettermen, eagles, and the list goes on.  my folks always played their songs when i was a kid.  hence, my deepest love for music of all sorts expanded. 

hanging around, nothing to do but frown, rainy days and mondays always kept me down. – carpenters

oh no, it’s not a monday despite this about-to-rain day.  happy friday!!!  how about barnes n’ noble?  maybe 2fast 2furious later on…


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  1. Tattyana says:

    whatever you you end up doing: {singing}…i wish you a merry weekend… a happy friday too… ohhh, just one wish on the weekend’s eve…(on this weekend’s eve)… i wish i were with you… (merry, merry, merry weekend… merry weekend… darling…)

  2. rkteck1245 says:

    thanks tatty, hope you enjoy your evening with #1 tonight.

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