brain, talk to me…

i just finished my mango-a-go-go whipped with protein boost.  i wonder if that boost does work.  it must be the whey protein.  i used to be so addicted to it until i realized buying it everyday did take a lot from my weekly budget.  hanging out at barnes ‘n noble for a little while, i skimmed through some books along the psychology section.  ‘saw my usual favorite books about emotional intelligence while i kept looking for that ‘eye and brain’ that one of our partners had on her desk.  couldn’t find it.  i didn’t bother browsing through the meditation books, my doctor told me that my breathing was so far ok.  i must be having acute back muscle spasms.  hopefully.  i haven’t visited the 3rd floor of virgin megastore in downtown during my lunch break lately.  i guess i’m enjoying the midday concerts held at st. patrick’s church.  some classical doesn’t hurt.  ok, i’m taking this week for a break with exercise.  i’ll get down and dirty starting next week.

i must be addicted and stuck to my computer for years now.  well, as long as i’m home i am.  i wonder if i’m going to be like this forever.  unless i decide to bring the tube of some game consul will i have other distractions.  but so far this piece of technology has glued me to my seat when i get back home.  this week i’ve been neglecting to do the laundry until i visit my parents, i haven’t hung my clothes back to the closet, didn’t dry clean the carpet, and what other errands did i miss?  my friends didn’t want to go out until this weekend so yeah…  i’m fighting it.  sometimes it’s good hanging out with them; but most often than not, we end up doing nothing at their place.  nothing to complain about.  nothing beats bulshitting around the living room while drinking and watching tv.  one homee just called me last night while he’s pumping gas at san bruno.  i haven’t kicked it with him ever since he started getting serious with his girlfriend.  i guess that’s the cycle sometimes.  i understand.  we’ll kick it when we’ll kick it.  going to g.a. this weekend after i pay my parents a visit.  free laundry too.  that’s why i’m procrastinating.  maybe i should go to the city tonight and bug them.  oh, i gotta watch ‘goodwill hunting’ first…

i guess everyone has sets of friends who go for different tastes: those who love to party, those who just want to chill, those who have serious hobbies like singing or working out, and those who possess all that i mentioned.  strange but true.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    oh that’s one of the cast from mtv’s real world in paris. hehe..u might think that mallory is kute. She’s the chick every1 is diggin’. =) 

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