still in santa monica with some peepz, the nice weather just turned into overcast.  not until i drove up 405 did i see the sun again.  hung out at venice beach during the gorgeous weather.  my arms looked red after that.  some friend’s place was just near 3rd street promenade.  there’s nothing better than hanging out with old friends at one of the bars along sunset last night. we decided not to go to spundae and i still had a good time with the bar scene.  homegirls were so drunk.  nope, not going to that direction.  i respect them as friends and that’s how i see as it is.  nevertheless, i approached this hot chick after exchanging smiles with her.  she was pretty cool. one of my types.  we chopped it good with a good conversation despite the loud chatter and music.  but i decided not to get her number.  it’s not going to work anyway.  like i got what it takes to handle a long-distance relationship.  i’m coming back to sf soon.  my former roommate still managed to drive even though he was drunk.  we were all wasted.  a.m.f. wasn’t bad at all.  only one of us was puking heavily though.  my friend made sure she had an eye on him when he went out of their car while their ride got caught in traffic along the boulevard.  he made it up for the bbq today.

when you’re drunk, anything can happen.  and it can happen so fast…


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