now that i’ve recuperated from last night’s drive, i might as well make a log of what happened.

900: met up with homee in south city, parked my car and transferred my stuff to his ride, went to costco to fill up his tank, visited my relatives in litto mla to pick up some delicacies to be delivered to my aunt in l.a.  coordinated with my aunt in socal about the plan.

1000: dinner at ling nam.  the lady running the place that night threw some attitude on us; she wanted to kick us out.  it even looked like she deliberately didn’t return our change.  oh well, not worth my time.  gave the server a tip regardless.  when someone cultivates misery, either she’s feeling such or she’ll get it back eventually.  moving on, i didn’t manage to call the girls and patch us through 3-way.

1100: went to the car rental place.  it was the same place i rented a couple years back.  i broke my car engine while pulling an overdrive along 280.  silly me and my ignorance with the first oil change.  the engine block made 2 holes from the knocking and we had to replace it.  a friend’s homee who offered to fix it (  i had to pay him as well ), and it took weeks so i had to go rental.  from that time on i had to treat my car like a lady.  i still try until now. summer of 01 and i had to commute to work to redwood city while having the works of replacing the broken engine with a rebuilt. 

the manager was a cool cat: within the same age as us, his dad tinkered cars so he did the same at a young age, used to be a manager at a ford dealership until the tire recalls screwed the company.  he had a good point about his outlook, nonetheless.  at least he had a job for now and as long as he gets to pay the bills, there’s no need to whine about something.  a lot of people out there are suffering and here we are complaining about the littlest things that not even the appreciation of life could be equal to it.  he hooked me up with the best and safest deal, and an upgrade ride.  i guess that good deed would come back to him big time.  told him i’d return the car this sunday.

1130: picked up other friend from the airport.  chilled at one of the coffee houses in the sf mission district for a short while.  pranked call my mom telling her that i already made it to socal.  haha i just missed her.  wanted to see if she’s still up.  other homee was busy talking to his lady while i transferred my stuff to the rental.

1200: started driving.  took 280.  i guess i should have driven down 101 since i wound up getting back there anyway.  listened to the bay area radio stations while i still had the signal. 

it’s been a while since i drove down to sj.  when i used to go out with this girl, i’d drive down all the way to tully just to kick it with her.  another ex’s homee was living along the 880 stretch.  i’d either chill with him or with her for pho at lyon square after the late night clubbing.  former schoolmate who took a break from her masters had an aunt who lived through the expressway strip so i had to pick her up when she visited.  friend who worked at intel lodged along trimble and we’d drive back and forth between sf and sj.  the rave at the fairgrounds.  movies at the mercado.  such memories. 

100: almost out of the bay area.  106kmel signal started dwindling so i switched to cd.  it’s nice having auto stick.  hugging the sharp turns through 80mph without relying on the brakes makes downshift a candidate for tragic overturning accidents.  the driver of the truck in front of me was kinda swerving so i flicked the high beams up.  didn’t want him to sleep on the wheel.  his truck almost hit a big rig along 152. 

115: first pit stop.  caffeine was still flowing through my system and the bottle of water i brought was complimenting my liver’s needs.  off to 5.  usual warnings of gusty winds.   gin blossoms, counting crows, third eye blind playing.  started picking up speed and waited for a fast car that i could pace and caravan with.  70mph seemed kinda slow along this endless freeway.

200: still awake, the panoche exit nominally gave me a subtle chuckle (no pun intended to peruvian or any culture, i was just told about it).  oasis, candlebox, goo goo dolls: still going.  the trucks had a way of pissing fast motorists off.  some did get pissed.  i could wait. a drive is a drive is a drive.  safety is safety is safety. they’d take up the entire road and dim their lights after giving way.  some sort of pickup game?  maybe they thought the ticked off driver would drive up to them and consummate their mutual expectation.

300: drive to l.a. was still 163 miles away.  i’ve almost maxed the speedometer out by flying 120mph.  i remembered driving down from vegas back to the bay with an ex and her friends.  only took us 7 hours while constantly driving 100.  that’s why i’d prefer starting the drive by midnight.  must have been used to the overnight partying back then.  trying to see if i still have the same urge and enthusiasm.  slowed down on every ramped exit for cops.  the fluctuating speed didn’t help with fuel efficiency.  switched cd. 

330: 2nd pit stop.  switched to trance.  the speakers were bassin’ off real tite.  tossed the empty coffee cup and the water bottle was about half-full to keep me hydrated.  at work, i at least consume 4 bottles of those big crystal geyser ones and more of it when i get home.  yes, refills.  buying those everyday would hurt my pocket.  i took off work right on time yesterday knowing that i didn’t reconcile the discrepancy on my worksheet.  the senior accountant would be pissed when he sees it in the system.  he’s always pissed at me anyway.  who cares?  i’m not gonna feed his sensitive overaged ego.  ok enough of that.  there would always be people like that in the workplace.  haha oh well.  i deserved to take off.  i’ll take care of the problem when i get back this monday.  it’s only less than 500 and the amount is even. 

400: up the hill, downshift’s good.  still felt the wind trying to dominate the wheel.  caravaned with 2 fast vans uphill and downhill.  still no cops.  valencia and almost there.  traffic started to get dense when i made it to the valley.  down to 405, then 101s.  sunset blvd if i went further down the always-trafficky freeway.  when was the last time i visited a friend there?  now that my cousin decided to pursue her degree in l.a. instead of staying in the bay area.  she wanted to get away from her overwhelmingly strict parents.  strict households make the best actors and actresses. 

500:  made it to sherman oaks.  my aunt and uncle were already awake.  caught up with them quite a bit.  called my mom and texted some peepz whom i promised to inform them of my safe arrival.  my cousins were still sleeping.  had breakfast and off to bed. 

1100: woke up, chilling for a bit until i do my thang later.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ling Nam, hahaha!  I live too close to that place.

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