so after chilling with some friends at a homegirl’s house in oakley, i didn’t get to finish all of my errands due for today.  now that i’m leaving for l.a. in a bit, i’m scurrying off just to wrap things up. 

my friend used to live in dc a couple years back until her family moved to oakley.  their house was huge, brand new, and a lot cheaper than the ones in the bay area.  one of the reasons why my family moved up north is because of that.  at least my younger sisters get to walk down the streets by themselves later during the evening.  so yeah, just ate dinner, watched some movies, and chilled until 12 midnight.  my other friend from arizona called if she wanted us to purchase discount tickets at a certain theme park in l.a. when we hang out.   i haven’t heard from my other homegirl from toronto who’s coming over to visit but maybe we’d just hang out somewhere other than clubbing during the evening. i guess it’s much better for us to just drive around and catch up. 

ok, i gotta get ready now.  homee’z gotta park my car in his house at south city.  i decided to go rental.  too much mileage and wear n’ tear these days.


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  1. Barbs says:

    have fun in LA!! it’s probably best if u don’t get in touch w/ur friend from toronto…hehe j/k!

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