ok, weekend’s almost over.  but i enjoyed it.  no parties, no special occasions.  just chilled with the family.  did some grocery shopping with my mom, went to church with my cousin, played videogames with my brother, hung out with my younger sisters, moved some furniture with my dad, it’s all blood.  plans of going to socal are set in stone this weekend so that’s all i’m looking forward too.

or maybe i should write further?

people are people.  you can’t help that but understand.  but do you think bitching and moaning can be deemed natural as well?  i remembered the days in grade school when i cried because i forgot to bring my lunch.  there could be a whole lot more events that i could reminisce regarding the same situation.  it’s a sort of crab mentality here.  everyone’s pulling those who are on top of them so they fall back to the bottom.  but what am i really trying to say here? 

the essence of bitching.  i can be wrong.  but if you feel that something is bothering you, you tend to complain about it.  what does that really mean?  does it mean that your soul is too weak to handle the stress?  does it mean that you’re too vulnerable to take any foreign circumstance that can intrude your normal expectations?  i dunno.  that’s what i think it is sometimes.  people talk, de facto as it is.  of course we can do something about it.  sometimes i myself am guilty of complaining and instead of making the most that i can do, i end up spending the rest of valuable time’s worth in cheap talk.  was there anything accomplished?  yes: talk that will soon be forgotten.  then i guess might as well shut up and do it.  if it doesn’t work, do something about it.  nobody’s going to entertain your attention unless you consider yourself lacking of it thereof.  must be part of learning, i guess.

don’t get me wrong, i do it too.  but maybe i should try practicing the actions done first before spending most of my time bitching.

now this is just a personal theory.


3 Comments on “”

  1. Tattyana says:

    always good to be with family.  that is time you’ll never regret spending, right?   and, friend-fun plans this weekend… yeay for you!  have a blast!

  2. Barbs says:

    bitching is very therapeutic…it lets the body let out the cooped up stress. at least i think that’s how it is.
    socal yeah!

  3. elainelim says:

    time spent relaxing is the best…
    and i used to be a frappucino (sp?) addict!! until i realized how many calories each of them had.. haha

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