happy friday everyone!!!!

so everytime i click on the “new weblog entry,” the pop-up blocker program suppresses it.  it virtually blocks all smaller windows that pop up on my screen, which is cool but at some times i have to hold a key to prevent the program from doing its usual job.  i betcha everyone already has a firewall, a spyware detector, and of course an anti-virus program.  duh!!!  why the hell am i talking about pc’s here? 

so since i didn’t get to run for a couple of days, i planned on running twice this weekend starting today: a total of 6 runs if i included yesterday evening.  but after a conversation with some of the co-workers who tag-teamed on me regarding the long-term injuries running can cause, i somehow changed my mind.  i didn’t want to screw my knees up when i get to 30.  i knew it was relative.  as a matter of fact, i’ve been running regularly for a decade.  on and off when i was in a varsity team and when i felt like i needed to go to the gym more often.  i did try running everyday earlier this year, and it happened.  but somehow, it’s either my schedule or i just felt like doing something more important with the influence of a lethargic perspective.  hey, even those players at professional sports teams run like crazy horses and most of them are even older than i am.  talk about lots of supplements to maintain your strength and endurance.  i’m pretty sure they take lots of those chemicals to keep their athletic figures.  i quit on creatine and stopped on protein milkshakes for a while.  however, i’m guilty of fat-burners.  haha.  silly me.  frankly, bulk isn’t everything for me now.  i guess i just want to be cut.  nothing wrong with that, right?  ok enough of this…

so i realized the last time i pulled my unused credit cards to reach for my guitar pick, it’s not even there anymore.  same thing happens over and over again over the course of my guitar playing since 12.  and what do i use to pluck the guitar strings?  pennies, dimes, nickels, or my short pointing finger nail.  of course, i still use my other fingers and thumb to pluck.  they sound better with classical pieces.  but yes, i miss my favorite pick.  buying picks are cheap anyway.  they usually come around 35 cents or more depending on the caliber and thickness from personal preference.  but that pick had some sentimental value to me.  oh well.  i used to slip a couple of picks into my wallet along with duplicate keys to my apartment and my car.  but since i changed my wallet to a smaller one, i had to take off a lot of those address books, some membership cards, and some of the good stuff that i didn’t really use that often.  someone asked me that if i lost my wallet, i already gave someone all access to my abode and ride.  yeah, let’s hope that doesn’t happen. 

i got in touch with a couple of my friends who go waay back in the day last night.  one was a childhood friend who now lives in phoenix, az.  she was asking me where another friend of ours from toronto is going to stay when she visits cali.  i haven’t confirmed the details yet although i think it would be better if she could stay with her relatives.  she could spend more of her money with other stuff than hotels.  socal or norcal, i don’t mind where the rendezvous is at.  i just hope the girls don’t make a per curiam decision so i could plan things ahead.  the other one, a former roommate of mine back in the freshman residence hall in ’96 (yes, i went to college when i was 16, but this was out of the country), updated me about the alumni directory that another homegirl of ours in nyc e-mailed to him just recently.  he’s now living in l.a. and it’s been a while since i haven’t visited him.  maybe i should drive down there sometime.  one of my aunts keeps on asking me when am i going to visit her.  this year should be a good probability.  i used to go to l.a. a lot just for overnight parties and head back home right after.  but now, i need to rest from this hectic sked.  and this plan can be just right if everything turns out well.  a homee who’s been assigned to oregon is coming down to sf to report back to the main office.  he invited me to his homegirl’s birthday bash in one of the city’s lounge/bars.  i should make it hopefully.  i need a break…

whenever i dream, i notice that my surroundings are always pitch black.  they turn out red or something sinister otherwise.  i’m not sure what those mean in freudian concept, and i’ve yet a lot to do some research regarding the other details.  for instance, relatives who just pop out of nowhere introducing themselves as one of my mom’s cousins, leaving in the middle of a ball game that me and my friends are just playing, etc.  i suspect that the subconscious should have a good explanation to this.  honestly, i dreamt dreams that in theory happen a few years after.  in theory because deja vu’s are supported either by methaphysics or quasi-biological principles of nerve signal relay.

ok, it’s so sunny out here.  i should go out and catch some rays.  i even told myself that i should clean the bathroom, or even do a general cleaning in our apartment.  my roommate initially suggested that we should hire a cleaner but i thought it would be better for us to do the work ourselves.  my brother already agreed to lend his steam vacuum cleaner so i could do my business in the pad.  lemme enjoy the sun and do some studying first.  the usual 9-hour day stretch at the workplace is being sacrificed because i prioritize my 4 classes this semester.  my boss accomodated my situation by giving me every fridays off.  so i’m gonna enjoy this sunny friday out in sf.  maybe visit some friends first then do what i gotta do.


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  1. elainelim says:

    what country did you go to college in at 16? that’s pretty cool.
    your running reminds me of forrest gump. i can run for 20 minutes max…

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