so now i’m listening to drum&bass arena.  i used to be a hardcore junglist back in the day.  i did like the other genres but it was the dnb/jungle stage that i’d end up at when i’d go to raves.

and speaking of raves, it was a trip earlier at work.  my co-worker who’s doing our financials and taking care of a big project recalled his days when he went raving.  i swear, it was a trip when he started talking about how he would always go a lot.  i knew at his time ( and he’s turning 30 this year ) the raves were mostly underground, didn’t have many druggies, and revolved more around the music.  maybe during my days it started getting worse, or i could be wrong.  i still liked the music, and i’m thinking of going to popsickle5.  maybe just check out what’s been happening to the scene lately, and stay at the jungle area the entire evening. 

the homebase days.  i used to remember going to that infamous warehouse almost every weekend.  i was soooooo bad back then.  heheh.  details are too profane to entail.  then they shut down sta. clara fairgrounds because of the stabbings.  and now it’s maritime hall.  i didn’t really feel maritime that much, although that’s where i met one of my serious long-term-kinda ex’s.  weird huh?  you’d meet one of those people whom you thought you were gonna settle down with at a rave.  went to events in la, and more warehouse parties in some parts of the bay area.  i did go to a lot of underground ones.  i kinda liked those better.  hiding from the cops and all that shit.  alain octavo and his feelgood entertainment crew would throw those at a red brick building in berkeley.  telegraph and 56th i think.  then the cops soon found out.

a-sides is mixing “the mexican”  i can’t believe this one homee at the bbq house party in south city last weekend mocked one of maverick’s players with a racist remark.  oh well.

then the clubbing scene.  ooh.  i must be in a loop.  i might be coming back to it after 2 good years of a fluctuating sabbatical.  and i read sf nightlife people were asking approval to construct a huge warehouse that would house in 30,000 somewhere in the soma district.  maybe those were the plans during the internet bubble, when people were burning cash like crazy.  too bad, the california state budget is on a deficit crisis so we had to cut down on a lot of shit.  oh don’t get me started on this.  i could talk forever.  but ok, back to the subject…

it’s a trip, still.  maybe my other co-workers didn’t understand what an was talking about that much.  the senior worked in the accounting field for over 30 years, the other one came from arizona where tweakin had a different feel.  and me?  i’m only 23, the youngest in our department, one of the youngest in our firm.  still into partying….. yes.  i’m still young. hahah

mutationz – dj trace (d kay remix) dub. 

dnb forever?  i’m open to everything life-wise.  someday i am gonna grow my hair long and turn them into dreadlocks, pump some more iron, and be whatever.  the future is hard to tell, you know.


2 Comments on “”

  1. dingbatkim says:

    it’s weird how things that happened only a few yrs ago seem like ages. can’t relate to all that clubbin/ravin that u went thru but def know the feeling.
    haha.. it’s cool being the youngest @ work huh?

  2. rkteck1245 says:

    you can say that again. hehe

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