ok, we’re all adults here.  and who cares anyway.  but earlier, i was just feeling so horny.  but that was earlier.  the feeling is weird.

tummy having its strange feeling, the urge to curl and be touched, eyes closed while the heat permeates throughout the entire body.

ok, that’s it.  i’m back to normal.  weird shit right there.  i can’t keep up with long-term relationships these days because of my schedule.  i don’t blame the girl because this is the nature of my lifestyle: i also have other things to do.  but yes, sorry to those whom i haven’t gotten the time to call or hang out with.  i will make it up in future relationships when i free some of my time up.  i promise.  these short-term relationships are getting nowhere.  and no, i don’t really want any booty calls.  some strings are quite invisible to see.  it’s not worth it in the first place anyway. 

strange feeling when you’re feeling…. ahh, i can’t say it.


3 Comments on “”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s alright to be horny at one time or another, haha.

  2. Barbs says:

    hmm…sounds interesting.  we all gotta have “one of those” from time to time. keeps life interesting!

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