beethoven’s moonlight sonata is making me want to stay over at my parents’ place.  so soothing…

mother’s day: happy mother’s day.  so i end up up buying a knit set for my mom.  i dunno.  i can’t think of anything good.  i know she does knitting but not as frequent these days.  she sure likes the pattern.  so this mother’s day is essentially another one of those family get-together days.  meeting most of my cousins and catching up with them.  lots of stories to hear.  i talk most with the food.  they sure like me passing by their circle regardless which one i mingle with.  although i know i have to burn all that i eat when the weekdays come, i know nothing beats free food.  back to the circuit training and running starting tomorrow.  i still have a lot of papers to finish.  but yes, it’s mother’s day.  and i’m happy for having such a wonderful mom.

should i stay up late tonight?  my mom insists that i stay for the night.  i don’t want to, really.  driving quite a long distance (or am i just morning long driving-lazy) just to get to the bart isn’t one of my preferable options these days.  i rather drive 2 miles along college and get myself ready for the day.  i love my work.  nothing is going to stop me from not continuing my interest with serving and helping people and their businesses. 

while watching my sister with her marching band last saturday, my mom told me about this humble story of one of her friend’s husbands.  despite having an affluent lineage of chinese families back in the p.i., he decided to come over to the states in the 70’s with only 3g’s in his pocket.  he lived in beat-down in-laws while reviewing for the dental license exam.  with so much faith, he promised God that he’d help anyone irregardless if he passed the exam.  he did.  and from that time on anyone who came to him to ask for help was welcomed with an open heart monetary-wise or through other means.  now he lives in one of the richest neighborhoods in california and his two dental offices are performing well in the bay area.  he has students come to his office to perform x-ray tests and the like at no charge.  what such generosity.  i give mad propz to him. 

when you spread generosity, it comes back to you a thousand-fold.  even though it’s against my will that my classmate hasn’t gone to class and she wants me to e-mail a bunch of of programs that she missed, i’ll still do so.  i’m not being stupid.  hey, i’ve had my times where i’ve been helped in the same fashion.  i’m returning the favor no matter what the unjustified cause.  even though i have this one co-worker i’m waging war against with, i will still try my best to forgive him.  it’s hard, but a native american adage i read sometime ago explained that forgiving the unforgiving is a foremost reward one can get in life.    there may still be a lot of problems in my life, but i like to remind myself about how far i’ve gotten through with it: the struggles, the joys, the sorrows and frustrations.  there are a lot more people suffering out there and here i am thinking about problems that don’t even equate those who worry about what to eat on the table or where to sleep for the night.  i’m happy, and i’m grateful.  mostly, i’m grateful for my mom who gave me life…

happy mother’s day again.  i’m driving back to my pad later on.  it’s half past 11pm.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, came across your xanga through young professionals’ blog and I find ur entry to be quite interesting. Esp on the topic of the generous dentist. I am intending on going to dental school in the near future…and it’s difinately great to hear that some dentist aren’t in it for the “$$$”.  Your absolutely rite, that good stuff do happen to good people by a thousand-fold.  It’s good to know that your able to extend a helping hand and surpass any adversity w/ ur classmates and co-workers. Oh, excellent choice on Moonlight Sonata…

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