just a couple of days ago, i approached this girl who got off the bart station…

so there’s a whole lot planned this weekend besides mother’s day?  my mom doesn’t want me to buy her stuff as long as i go home and taste what she’ll be cooking.  my sister’s birthday is the week after so i might take her to the mall to buy something that she might like.  got 2 parties to go to this saturday: one at a co-worker’s in the haight/ashbury area, and another house party in dc.  running at 6am with a good friend this friday so i hope i get to sleep early that night.  yes, no partying even though thursday nights have their usual stuff. 

all i wanted was to know her name…

my good friend.  my neighbor who just lives down dwight.  we don’t even kick it that much no matter how close we live together.  is it because of school, relationships, and other hectic activities?  possibly.  we used to kick it a lot at parties and events.  most of the time i kick it with him when we have the weekly house parties held at foster city.  but we’ve all grown out of it now.  i should make it to his graduation this 25th.  he deserves all of the arm and leg that cost him.

the young, restless partying days.

we exchanged numbers…

another perspective of family planning that he just sent to me:



3 Comments on “”

  1. dingbatkim says:

    heheh.. it looks like u got more than u expected.. good for u!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Are you still coming to Rouge tomorrow night?

  3. rkteck1245 says:

    i’ll call you and see wassup.

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