it’s half past 4am and my mind is still running.  it was a last minute thingy.  my friend invited me to hang out with his girl friends at north beach.  met up with them at enrico’s and went to the dragon bar.  this one italian girl was hot but my friend was on her jock.  i didn’t want to ruin his game.  i came there to be his wingman in the first place.  after the bumpin n grindin, the girls wanted to go salsa dancing at another club.  my friend was tired and his tummy was hurting from last night’s drinkfest.  kissed the girls goodbye and back to the sunset district.  what else was there to do?  i didn’t want to sleep yet.  so i studied until 4ish.  and here i am.  i think i’m not sleepin yet.  maybe later…

it’s been a while since i’ve been out of the club game, but here are some of the games (coming from a personal perspective in one way or another) that i observed from my single friends when they’re at the club.  and yeah, they can be just plain stupid and  lame, but the works can also be effective… um, yah.

1.  you come to a club and your friend wants to get with this certain girl, and this girl brought another friend with her: no matter how you think you don’t want to get her friend’s number, always be nice.  you come as a wingman, and wingmen can act as cock-blocker blockers.  just don’t be obvious with your steez but always, always act nice to her friends.  you don’t want to leave a bad impression with the girl’s circle.  girls will end up talking for hours and remember the trifles of your every move, along with the circle you bring with.  it’s good being a gentleman, anyways.

2.  there are a lot of girls in the clubs.  lots of fine ones.  but if you already have your eyes set after someone you’re with that night, don’t start fooling around by spitting game on the other girls when your date goes to the restroom.  you can get things more complicated if she finds out what you are doing behind her back.  sometimes, or even rarely, girls drag other friends whom they don’t go with but act as observers in the dark.  they just stay in one corner with their other friends and glance the date in progress between you and the girl.  guys can do that too, but i think we’re more spontaneous.  guys aren’t good with planning although they do observe the scene… for prospects (yeah, we’re horny motherfuckers, but to a varying extent).  they observe, split up, do their game and come back to the same meeting place for contingency plans.  still, do not mess your plan if you’re already with one. 

3.  you’re drunk, feeling boozed out, and you feel like you can talk and dance to almost anyone:  don’t even think that anyone is everyone.  maybe that anyone can land a slap on your face if you do the wrong thing.  wrong things like touching her hands, hair, shoulder, or any perverted move to get her attention when she passes by you.  remember, girls go by in packs.  and they do not intend to leave or move to another area until all of them are together.  the same is true with guys, but they will understand more if one guy ends up at a girl’s place right after the club.  we’re horny motherfuckers, and we understand that hahahahah.  still, sneaking behind a girl’s back and starting to freak with her will not work unless she digs you.

4.  you try to freak with her while you’re dancing.  does she really like you?  maybe she’s just forced to stay there because she’s digging the music but she can leave dirt tracks on your shoes after the track.  never assume that a girl likes you in the club.  they can make eye contact with you, but that does not mean anything.  if they stare or keep on burning holes into your body for a while, this can be a good time to come up to them and talk.  if she turns away and you know she’s trying to avoid you, continue walking her way and try talking to the nearest girl next to her – a lame pickup line that will get her attention can work-to let her know that you don’t even want to talk to her  (kb’s evil game). 

another one of his notorious schemes: try talking to a girl beside you.  if you think she acknowledges your presence, go to the bar to buy 2 drinks, one for you and one supposedly for that girl whom you just talked to.  if she turns away from you while you make your balancing no-spill drink walk from the bar, always remember to have your friend with you at the same place and give the drink to your friend.  make sure that he doesn’t have a drink or he already finishes his before you play the game.  that will turn the cards on the table.

5.  picking girls up at different settings.  if you’re at the club and it’s still early, tough shit.  your pickup lines are always lame no matter how good you think they are.  just be natural.  if she doesn’t feel you, what the hell?  move along.  it’s just like life.  don’t cry over spilled milk.  but don’t move along in a bar-hopping fashion.  you can’t just spit game at one girl and then move to another one nearby if the former doesn’t like you and so on and so forth.   you’re just one horny motherfucker hahahah.  remember: don’t ever think that you’re gonna get laid that same night at the club.  there are exceptions, by the way; but always assume that your sexy boxers or whatever high-profile (haha, i said high-profile) underwear you wear will end with only you seeing it before it ends up in the hamper.  yes, there are exceptions. 

6.  a girl walks up to you and introduces herself.  if she’s your type, well well, this is your lucky night.  if not, try to be nice to her.  still give her the time of her life.  you can stop talking to her if you want to but make her feel how you admire her courage to come up to you.  you rarely see girls do that these days.  yes, culture is something.  but thank her for coming up to you.  well, you gotta think long-term in that case.  no more disclosure.  the terminology of this type of game ends here. :p  and i know it’s still lame and hanging.

…i’m tired.  i think i wanna rest first, but i’m not sleeping yet.  i sound like langston hughes in one of his poems when he was working for his undergraduate degree at columbia university.  yeah, my mind’s running old school with literature.

yeah, these are all lame statements. hahah, i must be drunk still.  or wired.  or whatever.  yeah, i know they’re lame.  dayam, you don’t have to shove it to my face.  heheheh  i’m just glad most of my very close friends don’t have xanga. 

honestly, these are just my observations and interpretations based on personal and peer experience.  i’ve been turned down a lot of times, and it’s just part of the game.  i’ve been tired of the scene as well.  not every masterplan works, and clubs are not considered the best places to pickup on girls.  well yeah, the best way to know someone is to be introduced to her by a known friend (i believe i got that from the sfdc files).  remember, people who stay single for a while are quite good at their game not just because they’ve been around the block, but they’ve also experienced getting dissed and turned down a million times.  with failure comes success.  beating the system requires knowing it inside out.  the same is true with life.   ahh, i’m drunk.  yes, i know i’m drunk.  and i still managed to do productive shit?  hahhaha

until the next lame life episode.


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  1. ^ Haha…yeah soooo true….i hate clubbin sometimes… old men think that just cause you made eye contact you want them…yuckyness. You have some good theories.

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