so the sunny sunday weather just turned gloomy.  but i managed to do a lot of stuff this weekend.  every event was a good reminisce.

i didn’t manage to finish the entire run last friday.  after not being able to do so because of school and work, i felt my breathing capacity dwindle.  oh well.  i’ll get back to it.  rode bart to powell for my dental appointment.  honestly, i find my dentist cute.  but it’s not gonna happen.  like i have a chance.  i guess i’m gonna miss her in 6 months.  she told me if i had any problems with my teeth, i could set up an appointment with her.  i dunno.  she’s really cute.  but yes, i already know the answer…

went up north to drive my mom to my sister’s school recollection.  i’m not sure why my mom still wanted me to drive for her even though i knew she could manage.  so while my mom was with my sister, me and my other siblings went to visit my aunt.  her daughter wanted to spend the weekend with my sisters.  she missed playing with them.  so a few more hours being a chauffeur until i had to head back to sf to hang out with a friend.

it’s already about 11ish in the evening and i told ef that i just wanted to hang out.  bought a 6-pack of coronas from safeway along noriega and headed straight down to 48th ave.  his pad was situated across ocean beach.  i’ve been missing out on a lot of stories about him.  he quittied oakland p.d. because of some weird shit that came down and he didn’t want to tell me.  cops and their code of silence.  he doesn’t hang out at housenation friday nights that much but he’s still cool with st. john.  (st. john, you so fierce!!!  hahah)  it’s been months since he broke up with his girlfriend of 2 years.  and i thought they were gonna make it to a higher level someday.  we used to be neighbors at park merced and i’d just drive around the block to hang out with him and his lady when we had the time.  those years.  he said he’s not even over her yet.  but boy is he like a wild animal that just escaped out of its cage.  him and his games, i can’t believe it.  same old puerto rican homee of mine who’s into blondes.  that’s him.  we just caught up with the times, drove to san mateo for his errands, and ended up getting wasted.   

with just 3 hours of sleep, i had to wake up.  went back to the east bay.  the 6am morning sun was just spectacular while i drove around the former neighborhood.  sunset blvd, lake merced, brotherhood and off the freeway.  while in the east bay, i did some revisions on my paper and decided to make the most out of saturday again.  most of my friends already had their own plans.  one friend in san bruno was hanging out with his girl, another one in san mateo just wanted to watch nba because he just went to glas kat last night.  i was too late for the double birthday bash because of family errands.  i impulsively called an old timer in millbrae if i could bug him.  he was cool with my abrupt visit and i asked for a pizza hookup from another good friend who worked at a pizza place in south city.  rd said he was gonna catch up after he gets off from work.  work was driving him nuts because of the non-stop phone orders. 

caught up with jm while gazing at the clear millbrae evening sky.  still crazy over the same girl even though she’s obviously been playing games with him.  oh well, that’s him.  if it makes him happy, why not let him be until he finds out for himself.  my pointers deemed useless against his colossal affection for kh.  they were high school sweethearts so what could i do?  he hasn’t talked much about disassembling and tinkering with cars lately.  must have been busy himself as well.  the rest of the circle arrived a few hours later and they brought more pizza.  i couldn’t handle it.  that was it for the entire evening. we still had to meet one last friend who’s about to get off from his work in sf international.  i wonder when he’s gonna be in the i.t. industry again?  well, i guess he’s happy where he’s at right now so i don’t have the right to take away that happiness from him.  we all hung out at a bar in the city until 2am.  had some coffee until 3 and the night wasn’t over for me yet.

i knew sf state’s library was open 24 hours so i ended up studying until 6 am.  quite productive, i guess.  went to los altos for service while i’m at it.  it only took half an hour for me to get there along 280.  another nice weather, i thought.  the morning sun shone over the hills while i lingered at the abbey before the 7am mass started.  inner peace.  happy and  reminded of my contentment.  the serene chapel enveloped its silence on the few regular parishioners.  there were 2 couples whom i hadn’t seen before and they brought their kids with them.  the kids’ voices somehow dominated the silence and the soft-spoken priest’s voice.  patience: a virtue.

had to go back to take a shower.  up 280, took 92, 880, 24, then exited claremont avenue.  did some early grocery shopping and went back home to get my laundry stuff ready before i jumped into the shower.  my korean roommate took a while in the bathroom so i did small errands in my room.  it didn’t matter.  i just heard my chinese roommate’s girlfriend off for a jog.  i couldn’t do that.  i needed to reserve my energy.  and the drive back to sf.

decided to do my laundry at westlake.  it so happened that i bumped into an old-coworker from ucsf and his family.  those old times.  did some hw while i did my wash and dry.  a homegirl was just living a block away from the laundry place but i didn’t want to bother her.  bought the cheap lunch at  mission district and went back to millbrae to share it with the same peeps.  weather was still nice.

back to studying on the 3rd floor of the library.  nailed some hw but decided to cut it short after 4 hours when it started drizzling.  i left the sun roof open and decided to move back to the east bay. 

the intensity was similar to snowboarding in tahoe the entire saturday, driving back to sacramento to hang out with ex’s roommates and play ps games, driving down to san jose for a warehouse party that lasted until 6am, and up to sf to a family bbq.  life.

right now.  so tired.  no sleep yet.  stuff to do.  maybe i should take a nap first… zzzzz 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Quite a lengthy recollection of activities lol. You obviously live in the 650/415 area, woop woop! Sounds like you need to catch up on some zzZ’s. Alright, well have a good day/night … oh yeah,

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