woke up at 6am.  no work but i had to go to the city for my dental appointment.  omg, it’s so chilly.  the comforter warmed the skin that wasn’t covered by the tank top that i wore.  i was too lazy to change last night, didn’t even turn the heater on.  i knew i was i gonna run in a bit.  but before that, i had to pay my bills.  a guitar pick fell from the small stack of unused credit cards.  2.0mm.  the thickness could withstand a thousand strokes against the iron guitar strings. 

toad the wet sprocket’s ‘all i want’ was playing.  the new wave days.  it’s been a while but i still liked a lot of their songs.  nostalgia in full effect.  former bandmates debated about performing the song a couple years back.  i’d still love to play it if i had the chance.  “all i want is to feel this way; to be this close, to feel the same…”  similarity of analogy when i passed by sather gate.  i would be gone and eventually many more individuals would pass by the silent structure in awe and ignore it.  time would turn its tide soon and all these walking creatures would soon return to dust while the latter wonders how many have pondered on its existence.

ok, i gotta run now.  probably lift weights later or sometime this weekend.  i hope i can at least make it to the state assembly committee and the community forum later on.  my mom needs me to take her and my sister to their class retreat.  as promised, they have my word.  maybe i should just bring my laundry bag back to my folks’ place?


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