happy easter!!!  and to some: happy 420!!!

so as promised, i’m going to church with my parents today.  i am so full from that breakfast.  my younger sisters rearranged their room to make it more spacious.  if feng shui is applied to it, the bed isn’t in its right space.  but, oh well.  that’s what i think i understand on my part.

saturday.  ‘woke up at 7am and ran for 45 minutes.  didn’t feel like working out.  maybe sometime, i’ll get to run early mornings.  i see these joggers along the streets as i head my way to work.  i felt the morning sun rays as i passed the cross streets leading the way up to the hills.

i felt the top of the washer and realized that it’s still spinning.  the silence fooled me.

decided to donate blood while i was on the shower.  it’s been over 3 months and i guess i’m due.  they told me to stuff myself so i won’t feel light-headed.  grabbed a mango-a-go-go a while i parked my ride along bancroft’s restricted portion of the lane.  the cop didn’t really pay attention.  i wasn’t gonna stay that long.  down to oxford, then to university.  bay bridge wasn’t bad during early mornings.  i realized that the ramp leading to fell street was already closed. 

my older sister started vacuuming their room as the younger one teasingly knocked at my younger brother’s bathroom.  her radio was playing an alternative song.  and i thought all of them were going to be in hip hop.  i guess me and my youngest sister share a common interest in that genre despite the dominating hip hop scene.

took the duboce exit.  led me to the castro district where the huge annual halloween street celebrations took place.  up and down divisadero.  the justice league.  that girl along lyons whom i used to go out with 4 more blocks up to geary.  called my cousin who was preparing for her easter housewarming party before i got into the building.  she told me that she theoretically needed help so i really didn’t plan to visit her that same night.  filled out the questionnaire and had the finger prick.  their snack bar was free and they advised me to take some snacks before i proceeded. 

i felt the life getting sucked out of me.  haha.   how lame.  first time blood donations were done at ucsf before i got to work.  i really didn’t miss the medical industry.  i guess it wasn’t my field of interest.  although i’ve worked there for a couple of years, i did learn a lot.

it was a gorgeous weather.  decided to drive along skyline.  back to alameda to meet a co-worker who invited me to see their band rehearse.  he must be a good guitarist since he plays lead.  i played the same role in highschool,  covering metallica and pantera songs.  now i’ve gotten mellow.  when i had the time, i kept to my routine of playing classical, jazz, slow beats, and alternative in my room.

the dryer’s done.  hung the other clothes while my sister’s was still in the dryer.  i could have done my laundry back in the bay.  but since i’m here, might as well.

went back to the city.  my friend’s mom cooked good lunch so i decided to get my grub on.  his parents were going up to sacramento.  his girlfriend who lived nextdoor would be arriving soon.  hung out for a while.  chilled with his sister and cousin before going to foster city.  there was a bbq happening at another friend’s place.  it was getting chillier as they played baseball along the driveway.  they decided to see ‘better luck tomorrow’ so i had to borrow some stuff from a friend’s place in belmont.  not bad for the entire evening.

my cousin called and she really was expecting me over.


7 Comments on “”

  1. Tattyana says:

    loved tagging along around san fran w/you!  proprs for donating some of ”your life” to the blood bank, too.  gotta love that questionaire – ”have you had intercourse with a monkey from Tibet since 1973?”

  2. rkteck1245 says:

    hahaha, i didn’t run into that question.  but that’s funny.  maybe some blood banks have those.

  3. knocknockk says:

    props for you giving blood…b/c I know i’ll never have the nerve to do it.
    and what is a mango-go-go?

  4. elainelim says:

    woah are you in berkeley? it sounds like it. i am.
    at work, they have this corporate policy where you are not supposed to use the internet or other company resources for personal reasons… so i’m also freaked out when i surf the web or email non-business related stuff. i envision that, one day, my little cubicle will be stormed by the thought police.

  5. dingbatkim says:

    man.. sounds like u had a busy easter! .. giving blood is awesome.. makes ya feel like ur doing something good.

  6. elainelim says:

    happy easter to you, as well

  7. be1oved_1 says:

    Blood donations? what’s that?… kidding… Actually, I’ve tried to donate blood before but got rejected because they said I didn’t have enough of something…iron? 

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