my calves are hurting.  maybe i didn’t stretch well enough.  i just realized that i’ve been running at least 13 miles every week.  yeah, yeah.  it’s not that much.  what if i try running everyday again?  i should try going further than the 3.2-mile stretch sometime.  but my calves are hurting!!!  i see the can of pirouette beside the printer.  no!!!  no more eating this late.  i just had too much when i visited my parents.  i hope doing some chest exercises helped tonight.  i shouldn’t be doing circuit weight training, really. 

hey, maybe i can contest my parking violation.  i know ignorance isn’t a good excuse.  we’ll see how it goes. 

so um… it’s already mid-april and i haven’t gone up to tahoe yet.  now where did my hardcore snowboarding cravings go?  i can’t go this coming weekend since i have to hang out with the family and go to my cousin’s housewarming.  yeah, where did the anticipation of both legs aching go?  maybe i should play splinter cell when i visit the family.  not really addicted to it.  something to do for the pasttime. 

one of of my good friends is pregnant and she’s still 21.  well, i dunno how her mom felt after disowning her for 3 years.  it’s funny that her apartment is just a couple blocks away from her mom’s place in south city.  well, at least her mom’s going to have a grandkid soon.  do i want to have kids?  yes.  do i want to take care of them?  definitely.  but not now.  i’ve got so much stuff to do.  if only i can start my own business someday and take care of the kids by telecommuting or implementing a daycare center within the workplace.  hey, some companies do that.  i think hp does.  ok, time to read that dusty intro to business book again.  what’s that term again?

ooh, matrix reload is coming soon.  those previews were tight.  those directors are geniuses.  the groundbreaking milestone of computer graphics in action movies.

my calves are hurting!!!

you know the world is crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the tallest guy in the nba is chinese, the swiss hold the america’s cup, france is accusing the u.s. of arrogance, germany doesn’t want to go to war, and the three most powerful men in america are named ‘bush,’ ‘dick’, and ‘colon’ (colin) need i say more?  –chris rock


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