and friday it is.  it’s a fine day.  people at their windows.  they leave their houses.  just for a short walk…

came back from valley of hoes to visit my dad who just had a laparoscopy operation.  after a few hours from the post-op area, he finally could take off and get some rest in my parents’ house.  i offered to drive them back but my mom said they could manage.  so no joy-riding with my mom’s ride.  dad needed to rest so he would be taking a break from work for a week.  older brother’s ride got totaled so he had to use rental for now.  the drive along 80 wasn’t bad at all.  i haven’t driven in such a nice afternoon for a while so the feeling was nice.  it also reminded me of the bus ride after lobbying against the budget cuts in sacramento’s capitol hill.  politicians; they acted like gradeschoolers in a classroom with their sporadic replies of yes and nays amongst the chatter.

so i’m meeting one homie whom i haven’t seen in a while.  haha.  skillz workshop used to be the meeting place back then.  omg, those were the days.  last minute decisions of driving down to l.a. just to party.  life was care-free back then.  i stopped listening to his mars n mystre cd. 

so i decided to wake up at 12 noon today.  the dental appointment was cancelled and i incurred charges for not postponing before the 24-hour grace period.  i needed to get some errands done today.  it so happened that i could not even contest my parking ticket citation since ignorance wasn’t a good excuse.  “well, the officer at the lot told me…”  yeah, yeah.  it’s a done deal.  i couldn’t do anything about it.  gotta pay my $25 dollars.  i only won 1 moving violation and 1 citation in court and the rest were instant emoluments to uncle sam.

reading the contra costa times paper while eating a snack from kaiser hospital’s cafeteria.  allegations.  a big family mourned over a dad, his teenage son, and a relative who got killed for allegedly not following orders from u.s. marines.  the sports section featured giants’ victory over the dodgers, the baseball game that i went to last night at pacbell park.  we parked the car a couple of blocks away so walking was a given option.  passing by glas kat reminded me of those free hookups and v.i.p. lounges.  the steel bridge leading to the paid parking lot poured memories of the regular kelly’s mission rock.  we gonna rock the party, we gonna drink bacardi, yadda, yadda, yadda… dance, dance, dance… freak, freak, freak.  the mob just reminded me of people walking down the huge walkways of 3com park during a massive.  dodgers fans who were wearing their paraphernalia were mocked by hardcore giants fans.  ex’s mom had an argument with the people sitting behind us because they were stepping on our seats while we got our food from the stands.  those nachos were good.  finished the entire game as i picked up one mist can given away for free.  went back to the richmond district to chill.  now i knew taking hyde would directly take me to the ramp up to the bay bridge.

hanging out with my former singing group members was cool.  conversations led started out from aura reading about someone who’s lying and their personality, telepathy and other sixth sense development, how to counter girls’  mind games, conspiracy theories, past life encounters and brainstorms about supporting ex’s with abortion, girls whom we really didn’t want to hookup with, the karma of playing games and cheating, raising kids, their wild gangbangs, a.i.m. games and hookups, long-distance relationships, deepest moments, troubles with five0’s, to just plain vocal recordings.  we sounded deep until 3:30am.  homee’s mom fell asleep on the couch watching tv.  the dogs woke up as i passed by them to bade my farewells.  the streets were silently chilly as i warmed up my car. 

tomorrow, another family party up north and driving back.  nothing to complain about despite mileage and gas consumption.

6:51pm.  i had to run.  homee must be waiting now.  shit, i gotta get going…


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mars & Mystre, yeah!  Okay okay I admit it, I USED TO like their music, haha.  BTW, you didn’t add me to your friend’s list, how sad!  Haha J/K.

  2. rkteck1245 says:

    i did too, jolene.  those were the days.  sorry, i had to keep this on the downlow that’s why it’s low-maintenance.

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