and all these come out too fast.  the week is almost over.  thursday night, party night.  i think not.  i might just read tonight.  the containter drummers resound through the conversation between me and an old party buddy.  it’s been a while since both of us experienced the underground scene.  trying to straighten our lives, i guess.  which is fairly reasonable.  why does it take time for some to realize what they want to do in life?  maturity comes with self-realization.  my achievements are because of what i want to do, not because they are given to me pro bono. 

senator byrd’s speech is unsurpassed in a sense.  how do really want to define long-term fiscal and political policies and procedures.  debating about the 2 clauses of the 14th amendment twists the reality of perks and hurts of law interpretation.  how do i see myself under these circumstances?  such is life.  i choose how i want to feel after a situation, not how the situation affects my emotions.  proactivity.  no wonder they are slaves to their own emotions.  the perspectives are adversely different in their own conflicting interests. 

stanford and cal are holding the same conferences about my people’s social awareness and situation on the same date.  such conflict.  attending the latter last year is worth the usurped information.  i need to know more.  to educate, reinstate and balance my personal judgement against compelling interests, and apply the knowledge for common good.  the world is wretched but it’s all in your head.  how you choose which pill to swallow is up to you.  i know which one is mine.

psychologists and leading figures fool the heck out of us in some ways.  this circular demonstrado haunts the ill-fated surrealism of my fabricated and false emotions. 

i’ve been happy.


5 Comments on “”

  1. Anonymous says:

    So no Drink Club @ Bas tonight eh?  Hehe, it’s their last night at Bas tonight!  I won’t be there, though.

  2. rkteck1245 says:

    nope, not for now.  heheh

  3. Barbs says:

    i say as long as you’re happy, forget all the mumbo jumbo that surrounds u…

  4. Barbs says:

    woops forgot the eprops!

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