here at my parent’s place.  i should start putting more stuff here again.  the weather’s nice this saturday morning.  i should take new pics for myself.  i’m going back to the bay area in a bit.  back to school. 

the acupuncturist told me that i should start listening to my body.  so far it would mainly have to be the stomach and spleen.  “at your age you do all these things that aren’t good for your body.  you won’t see it now but when you get to your 30’s, you’ll start feeling it,” she warned me as i felt her strong fingers penetrate through the muscle spasms on my back. 

i guess i have to refrain from eating late after clubbing, start sleeping early (and it would be hard at this phase), try eating breakfast  regularly.  it’s due to the explanation of energies in the stomach dominant at that certain time, and some more stuff.  it can be boring, challenging nonetheless, but i think the long-term goals are going to pay off when i get older.  once in a while partying is manageable at least.  i’ve had my fair share in the past. 

ruby skye a couple of weekends ago was ok despite the confrontation with a bodyguard who tried extorting money out of me.  at least the owner now knows some meatheads do scams at his workplace.  i find the scene too overrated these days.  my views are getting old.  the next place i want to be in is a lounge area with triphop/dnb experimental sets played with a couple shots to relax the nerves stressed from a thoroughly demanding week.  maybe next time. 

so happy weekend it is, i should run later after the weights.


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  1. dingbatkim says:

    wtf? he tried extorting $$ outta u? wth for? those ppl are the scummiest if u ask me..

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