being away for a while, no man or woman is an island no matter how high the realizations and planes of life are.

the light was so bright that i could not see through the other end.  my dreams kept on telling me that there was going to be another road that i haven’t treaded upon yet.  it was there, but i was so blind to see it.  somehow, my room only had one side with windows.  my dream portrayed having 2 opposite sides with the one facing west had its curtains pulled off by a mysterious being.  i got scared from my last few dreams about the same event, but this time i was aware of who was sneaking on me.  light.  all light.  the shining brightness.  even though i closed my eyes, i felt the streaks leave lightning marks into the brief darkness.  a dim cave appeared in the center but i couldn’t go any further.  i was stuck in my own body.  there should be some sort of medium to leave it.  i was afraid.  i wasn’t ready yet.  they said that someone might take over my one and only human abode.  was it lack of confidence or courage?  i could not tell. 

i felt happier after the quiet storm passed. 


2 Comments on “”

  1. Barbs says:

    sounds like u’re on the brink of a big decision.  the subconscious is funny like that.  a lot of our fears and inner thoughts come through in dreams…

  2. knocknockk says:

    have you ever seeen mulholland drive?

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