what a nice sunday.  one more day and back to monday. 

‘figured i would run today but i woke up late. 7am was my ideal time, otherwise.  the late run last night was pretty tiring for some reason despite the same distance.  i really did not eat that much. 

saturday’s weather was gorgeous as well.  i decided to confine myself with books when one homegirl’s sister finally insisted that i should buy a phone that they were setting up for promotion.  the store was in south city; but oh well, i might as well enjoy the nice weather.  jt turned out to be her younger sister’s quorum so i would definitely buy the phone.  i’d buy it anyways.  i’ve had my old one for over 2 years.  ‘was thinking of waiting for it to get totally broken until i finally got a new one.  somehow the rebates were pretty reasonable.  here goes the circle pass for phone updates.  had to call the peepz for the new number.  now i could listen to npr if i don’t get to ride back home with my co-worker at the bart.  last friday was the first time i haven’t seen her.  i must have been late.  i’d prefer closing my eyes to rest…

late saturday studying.  i felt impressed getting a grasp of next week’s discussion.  people upstairs were partying.  it was about 12 midnight when the same homegirl called.  she was still impressed with the new hairstyle that she got.  ‘told her that she should have gone clubbing to make the most out of it but she ended up not going.  wasn’t a bad one-hour conversation before i had to hit sack.  funny that she called again and i knew i had to call it a night…

a segment from our conversation: i must have gotten tired of partying in general.  it’s the same old thing.  don’t get me wrong, it is fun hanging out with people on occasions.  but its intensity does not equate the passion that i want to do in my life.  is that the reason why my korean roommate is so dedicated with his schooling?  after 3 years taking computer engineering at cal, he’s finally graduating by the end of this semester.  he might end up unleashing the program that he’s been working on since highschool. or maybe he can even start his own company.  i remember him recounting the people who started freebsd and then sun microsystems.  he somehow follows that parallelism of this economic law of increasing opportunity cost.  i know there’s a far more specific term than that.  you give up something in the present to gain more in the future.  that’s what i was trying to put up these days.  i give up all these good times so i can see the results of my hard work someday.  besides, doesn’t it feel like i’ve been partying hardcore for the past couple years?  the money for partying that i splurge can attest to that.  well, you lose some right now, you gain some in the future.  she still talks about when she’s coming back to the hairstylist besides wishing that her man can cook and all that good stuff.  i admit talking about foregoing relationships.

just had my evaluation at work last friday.  comparing notes between me and my boss’ comments was pretty similar.  i still had to pay closer attention with the a/p side.  one time i paid a consultant’s invoice for $43k when it was only supposed to be a g.  we would have still caught that discrepancy from the accruals, but it could be hard getting it back.  i’m just glad the owner called and said he’d return the check.  such good business etiquette.  i didn’t mind about higher emoluments because i felt like fulfilling myself to the fullest.  i was not even sure what devolvement may occur if i needed to focus in school alone this next fall.  they’ve got flexible terms, but i was not concurring to a certain extent.  first thursday firm meetings would be missed.  cocktails and hors d’oeuvres besides agenda.

still hitting the books, doing laundry by 4ish, lifting weights and running, go to newman, then it’s off to monday.  my roommate’s playing sasha, the resounding trance energy is getting to me again.


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  1. Barbs says:

    i totally know what u mean about clubbing getting old. it’s a cyclical thing…when u take a break and go out once in a while, it can still be fun.

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