my first all-niter for this year…  it’s been a while.  the last few months of ’02 gradually deteriorated my health and the christmas break breezed like a thousand winks. 

sacrifices, sacrifices.  a sip of demitasse could at least lift up my already sunken cheeks.  i have been missing those face massages that i used to do every night.  i felt like taking another break from all this reading.  the run a couple of hours earlier seemed worthless to my arduous expectation.  the late-night visit to the telegraph avenue kfc spoiled my conundrum of hunger.  indeed i have been seeing the results after an increased cardiovascular program.  i need more discipline. 

it is lenten season.  i did not realize holy week has passed the corner of thought.  the canon week is said to shift every year.  coincidentally, the mob must have enjoyed the festivities along bourbon street that so-called fat tuesday.  in like fashion, newman was packed during the 10pm mass.  i did not expect the turnout to be that way on a hectic wednesday evening.  the nike symbol of my blue beanie covered the cross that reminded me of where i came from as i went out to grab a number 4.  now i could add more information to my eulogy.  misled myself like oedipus’ false credulity against creon and tiresias.  although i respected an existentialist belief such as nietzsche’s, my personal perspective would never change. 

at least i am caught up with my other classes.  the reason why i am still up this late is because of the later day’s class.  what arguments accompany my subject?  how can i analyze my subject?  how can i apply my subject?  my mind is pacing for the next exploratory inquiry.  one classmate i know has been out of class because he is assigned to facilitate an oakland law firm’s merger.  living by lake merritt, his workplace is apparently 2 blocks away.  i should try running by that area sometime.  the distance of lake merced is over 4 miles when a homee of mine asks me to run with him.  that?  a few sundays back during my sf abode.

met my japanese co-worker by the elevator.  it has been a while since i have not kicked it with her.  kept on promising her that i’d do grocery shopping at costco with her one weekend.  never happened.  the gym plans did not go through.  i just felt like dozing off lazily during the weekends after a long stretch of tasks throughout the week.  the upcoming cherry blossoms should be a good excuse.

called my mom earlier.  march 28th sounded like a good day for me to visit her after acupuncture.  moreover, my dad planned his laparoscopy operation that weekend.  he had to take his kidney stones out instead of taking an ad hoc medication.  besides, it was going to be my mom’s birthday that weekend.  she deserved some love from me and the rest of my relatives who were celebrating it with us.  i did not mind if she could not make it to the honor roll recognition.  my dad needed her more after the minor operation at kaiser vtown. 

ha!  here i go again…  lagging.  lemme play ‘sailing’ before i officially get back to studying.


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