after so much boredom tonight i decided to get the guitar part of nora jones’s ‘don’t know why.’  the guitar must have been tuned flat since i started with a b flat major6 mode combination.  such a nice song.  my co-worker kept on playing the song throughout the hectic monday workday.  ‘didn’t get to take lunch otherwise i’d sacrifice work’s time essence.  another battle tomorrow.  i just realized that the paper due this week was moved 2 weeks from now.  probably should tinker with the budget blaster.

after a couple of weeks procrastinating, i finally got my oil change at my friend’s place in south city.  he virtually had all tools so i’d always come to him for help.  the car that he started building from scratch was put on hold because of budget reasons.  i saw some car parts hanging on his racks, the scribbled notes and procedures to modifying the engine on the whiteboard were left untapped.  i had to buy a socket from sears since the oil filter’s thread cap lost its grip. 

the visit wasn’t just for oil change.  just hung out and consoled with my friend’s situation with his lady.  after 3 long years of being together, the girl decided to cut communication between them.  my friend was tormented.  i didn’t know what to say.  there were still lots of fish in the sea?  i could have said that if he slowly dwindled out of his situation.  it was too soon to say it.  i told him i haven’t watched tv in a long time as i surfed through the channels.  my life must have been hard without tv according to him.  i chose not to bring the tube to my place or i’d be distracted.  no strategy games except for the sims, which i haven’t played in a while.

life moves on, doesn’t it?  at least we could try not to let anything like that hinder us from reaching our goals; goals like school, everyday tasks, chores, usual social interactions.  it could be hard at times, but one will soon come out triumphant after one of the worst storms in this mysterious love cycle.

nora jones kept on playing. 

i lay on the hammock one lazy afternoon.  the lazy afternoon breeze soothed my chapped skin.  cirrocumulus clouds slowly moving throughout the clear blue sky.  the greenish blue sea a tranquil melody.  small green islands forming over the peaceful horizon.  my right hand brushing the sand while the other slightly leaning on the hat that covered my face.  the sun glimmered through the holes of the interwoven hat as my eyes squinted through the subtle yet relaxing rays.  i could smell fresh seafood being prepared.  my tummy started grumbling.  when has life become this slow?    away from all worries, all payments, all responsibilities.  when was the last time i truly felt like this?

i’m going to sleep…


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