woke up by 1am.  i must have missed a lot this saturday evening.  well, not really.  sounds like the neighborhood did not have the parties going on tonight.  it’s been like this since thursday.  another imagination similar to that of daumier’s satire.

it was a sunny saturday.  how do you classify someone who likes to wake up early to the morning sun, and at the same time stay up late to party?  i haven’t partied lately anyway.  then a morning person, i am.  for now…

an itinerant friday helping a good friend and the running this saturday afternoon must have pummeled my muscles to the core.  took a nap after that and realized it was past 4pm.  i had to meet my parents at south city.  i guess i was late.  my mom just had a dental appointment and she felt like going home early.  told her i’d meet her sometime, or even visit them.  i thought of buying dinner as soon as i woke up but i decided to take another nap.  did not notice that the nap turned into a long one.

it was my chinese roommate’s birthday.  he’s in sta. cruz walking along boardwalk’s serene beach.  the weather must be nicer out there.  he called me twice and told me about his situation with school and work.  first call he told me that he might move out by the end of this month because he had to concentrate more on his lsat review.  second call he told me the conversation earlier was an impulsive move.  i thought he was having an argument with his lady and the issue of rent got involved in it.  my nonchalance waking up to his calls did not affect the way i felt about his decisions.  i readily dozed off after every phone conversation.  i knew there was a lease agreement for a year.  but whatever happens, happens. 

happy or unhappy, famlies are all mysterious –gloria steinem


3 Comments on “”

  1. kidcandeez says:

    awww no mardi gras goin on in ur area? where’s ur area anywayz?

  2. rkteck1245 says:

    in the east bay, helen.  ‘totally forgot that mardi gras is this week.

  3. MeowMi1126 says:

    actually my red hair is pretty subtle..doubt it will catch any attention. Btw, i like that quote by gloria steinem…it’s rather true.

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