another nice day in downtown while walking with my homegirl during my lunch hour.  and i thought i was going to be in trouble with a certain task.  it didn’t look like it.  i had to take responsibility with certain things that eventually got encompassed to my direction.  lounging for another 10 in the accounting department. 

three-day weekend again for the firm.  lots of errands to do tomorrow.  gotta manage them.  i have to get back to my weighlifting and running later tonight.  doing the usual stuff again first thing tomorrow morning.  get the vehicle insurance wire transfer transaction settled.  reschedule medical appointment and set another one for dental.  go to haas and see what’s going on with yeh’s programs.  see if i could get a waiver from 2 of my parking tickets – ride’s been attracting a lot these days.  study.  see if i could have a mentor session at ceasar chavez.  post my used books for sale.  call former professor and return her video about fbi anomalies in the 60’s.  make another draft for one paper.  start with another one.  friday is errands day.  meet folks at south city for dinner.  looks like my marketing skills did not help that much with my uncle’s business.  not until i finish every goal would i be hardcore with the field. 

a classmate in american racism once got me disoriented in her perspective.  she said everything’s ugly.  i wonder what she really meant by that.  living in 4 countries, she’s planning to be in the united nations a couple of years from now.  goals were pretty similar to mine: get back to the community in one way or another.  education does take the ignorance out of us.  there’s just so much oppression that one cannot even insinuate the perpetuating self-righteousness within.  a sense of insecurity.  i’m not going down that level.  got better tasks at hand.  mba and phd, here i come soon. 

i’ll be missing my accounting job in the city.  already told my senior accountant about my story of taking off.  he somehow understands.  the overall life in its transcendental meditation gave me a great realization about letting go of past clashes and moving on.  it’s always been a learning experience.  putting more fire is not just worth the time and effort.   still hoping for all those grants and scholarships to pull me through the rest of the years. 

still, life moves on…


2 Comments on “”

  1. MeowMi1126 says:

    hey…just randomly browsing. Anwz, I am thinking about giving up my current job in the finance industry to pursue my dream to enter academia. I want to be a professor..that’s my ultimate goal. For the time being, just applying to Masters programs. Well, good luck with grad school. I’m hoping to get a lot of scholarships and grants too.

  2. rkteck1245 says:

    i had this passion of teaching too.  maybe someday…

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