it’s so sunny outside.  i feel like running again.  but after doing it consecutively, my body deserved to take at least this lazy day for a break.  beethoven’s violin romance kept on tempting me to go out and smell the flowers.  i actually should.  and buy chinese food?  now that makes me want to run more and make the most out of this day.  it’s sunday, time to do laundry. 

i didn’t get to attend a volunteer organization’s despedida party for our national dance troupe.  i think those were the same people who performed on the streets at the chinese parade.  i could be wrong.  my roots.  at least i got to play with our people’s ethnic instruments when i was young.  also performed some of our national dances.  my roots.  our roots. 

i just figured the guitar tablature tuning to 3rd eye blind’s “narcolepsy”.  it’s been a while since i haven’t referred to a tab with life’s busy streak.  first tab that i learned was metallica’s ‘one’ back in ’92.  these days i play learned pieces, random scales and modes when i have the opportunity to grab my guitar.  did 50 cents do a freesytle in acoustic guitar?  time management regarding a conversation at work.  my boss still finds time to swim at least 3 times a week besides working overtime and renovating his house in sacramento.  the concurrence is a true confession.  there is a whole lot of benefits with working out and sports.  one gets more energy, discipline, focus, and the drive to finish tasks in different aspects of life. 

i started swimming since first grade.  learned karate during the early childhood summers of my life.  i eventually got tired of swimming when i reached sixth grade after seeing the pool five times a week.  it’s been fun hanging out at the pool with friends, nevertheless.  the table tennis table right beside it was a pastime for us in between sessions.  shifting to soccer in middle school gave my lungs a tantamount heave for more air.  early morning and friday night tennis practices made me play with my dad once in a while who’s been playing the sport ever since i was young.  his occasional trips to the driving range did not appeal to me at all.  changing lanes eventually to basketball and volleyball in highschool enhanced my speed and endurance.  my quadriceps turned rock-hard from all the jumping exercises in volleyball despite the injuries that i got from stepping on a blocker’s or spiker’s foot.  i had a good learning with discipline.  sneaking out of practice to go out with an ex did not help me maintain my stamina.  after not going to practice for a month, i was left behind for a moment. 

the joys of sport.  and what do i do these days?  weightlifting and running.  years of another recently learned martial art form temporarily given up because of school time.  sunday tai chi also abandoned because golden gate park did not seem practical to my errands and studying.  the sked got so monotonous when work came in, and then other responsibilities.  i do not want to compare myself to the jim o’connor character in tennesee william’s ‘the glass menagerie,’  i’m just happy i’ve got those youthful days to a worthwhile extent inspite of my other minute struggles as a teenager.   

i wonder how much mileage my boss had piled up with his ride with the back-and-forth travel from sf to sac.  i’m not sure if i’d have another long distance relationship as far as that again.  the relationship with a vietnamese ex in sactown had to be moved into the annals of a distinct memory.  her best friend started calling me after 3 long years.  ou sont les neiges?  i dunno.  i’m moving on.  i’m happy being by myself for now.  it was all worth it though.  only that i had to take care of gas, mileage, and wear and tear.  i could still taste the davis sushi at tokyo restaurant when we would visit her sister who used to work there.

after hearing chopin’s waltz minute, i forgot that i had to attend a concerto in sf today.  different musicians playing the said master’s pieces.  then there’s laundry, lethargy of driving, and reading.  such a gorgeous weather to waste all of these.  the party from last night seeped out of my enjoyment like gregg alphabet.  referring back to my inbox, i must have deleted the pianist’s message.  what a lame excuse to distinguish the vague details.  we’ll see how it goes.  i must be tired from last night.  the intensity was not that compared to a guernican tragedy, i just felt like doing more important stuff today.  lemme bug my mom about what she’s cooking for lunch today.

maybe i should start drawing again.  after drawing a replica of my friend’s picture at last night’s message board, i realized that maybe i should do something about it.  i remembered telling my parents that i would become an architect someday.  me and my brother would use all of the crayons to draw voltes 5 and diamos robots at home.  i started out with stick-figure caricatures.  drew my mom’s portrait when she was young.  she was a knockout back in the day.  reality sketches and painting became another hobby.  i should get back to it.

my dad should be lucky.  i guess i could also say my mom’s side of the family.  she had a brother and 8 other sisters who resembled the beauty and charm running through their veins.  i could not believe how my grandma managed to take care of them.  such a huge financial responsibility.  family ties and values among them were strong.  i gave her mad propz for overcoming that obstacle.          

and mid-sunday is on its way…     

‘remembered that statement i read at the mountain view restaurant last night.    

attitude: a change of the outside is less valuable than the change within


8 Comments on “”

  1. dingbatkim says:

    damn that’s a lotta sports you did there. i’m surprised you didn’t include juggling.

  2. rkteck1245 says:

    you got that right.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey you!  Well I don’t know where I’m partying next, what about you?

  4. rkteck1245 says:

    not sure yet, whenever’s a good time.

  5. kidcandeez says:

    haha u and jolene fare unny. i should get a chatter box so u guys could msg each other on my page huh?

  6. rkteck1245 says:

    that would work, helen.  heheh

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hhmm…there’s Element @ Thirsty Bear this weekend, but I don’t know if I’m going yet.
    And yeah, get a Chatterbox!

  8. rkteck1245 says:

    i was supposed to keep this on the downlow.  but oh well…

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