so i guess i have stuff due tomorrow, and i have to stay up late to finish all of these.  i usually get tempted to put it off until the next few hours when i’m ensconced in my room, but the next thing i know i’d have less time to finish it before i leave the pad.  procrastination is so tasty, how i love to take a part of it.

i don’t want to put work off.  the account rec of a single transaction took me a while to figure and it, and other breakdowns, kept me in my desk longer than i expected.  my procedure seemed correct, but in theory we owed the vendor the amount that i credited.  for some reason i did missapplications to certain vouchers and only my boss helped me with my oblivious moment. 

consequences.  there are some days that just go by so fast when i need more time to finish tasks.  oh well.  i haven’t worked out since monday because of such priorities.  i need to get back to the routine by tomorrow.  at least it’s going to be a 4-day weekend at work.  i have to cancel my visit with a homegirl to phoenix this month.  it’s not going to happen due to all the hectic schedule and budgeting.  i need a haircut.  friday sounds like a good day to have one.  and maybe i could ask a friend to see a movie with her.  that would be a peaceful evening. 

one consultant called at work to expedite her payment since she’ll be out of town this weekend.  it’s a net30 but, oh well, she’s a good help to marketing. greeted her a happy v-day in advance; she asked me what i’m going to do during that day 

“nothing special, i replied. “just spend time with the family.”

she felt she crossed that thin line between being personal and professional.  she made up the conversation by evening up on her side.  it didn’t matter to me, anyway.  this is another year without another commitment.  and i would say that i’d spend it with a friend.  such fickleness.  then there should be that time fissure to visit home.  i need to get that tax software even though some may say it’s still early to file my w-2’s. 

while listening to gin blossom’s till i hear it from you and dishwalla’s charlie brown’s parents on my mp3, i wanted to i.m. my former bandmate and remind him about our past performances.  he’s not online.  must be busy putting in more overtime with his programming work.  reminiscing again.

making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity. – charles mingus


2 Comments on “”

  1. Barbs says:

    i haven’t hit the gym in over a week.  there comes a point when guilt is overwhelmed by laziness….
    have a productive weekend!

  2. rkteck1245 says:

    you can say that again, barbs.  i just started working out yesterday and it felt good being back…  have a good one as well…

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