happy friday!!  now let’s see what i got going today: financial advising appointment at 10am, dental appointment at sf by 11am, medical checkup at kaiser oakland by 3, check fafsa, follow-up volunteer with yeh, check next blood donation schedule, buy guitar picks, run, workout, write monthly rent check, laundry, group study with classmate, borrow big bro’s tax software, return band of brothers disk collection so dad can finish them and ask what mom’s cooking, return jean jacket to younger bro, help in uncle’s business plan, postpone volley game this sunday, do a thorough reading on a paper due in 2 weeks, refurbish another essay, get ticket for a former professor’s piano concerto in napa, read extensively at barnes n noble…  there’s something missing.


let me move that for tomorrow.  i’m sure there’s a couple scheduled for this chinese new year weekend.


4 Comments on “”

  1. Barbs says:

    sounds like a never-ending laundry list of errands…enjoy the rest of ur weekend!

  2. rkteck1245 says:

    yeah, it is.  i didn’t get to do the others though so i’m rolling them over this weekend hopefully.  enjoy the weekend yourself as well.  cheers.

  3. dingbatkim says:

    damn.. u sure are one busy guy! .. u did that all in one day?!

  4. rkteck1245 says:

    no, not really.  i had to do the rest by the rest of this weekend. 
    i guess i’m too lazy to make an entry right now.

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