go raiders!!!!

hanging out with the family this sunday evening.  my mom just cooked a lot of food for dinner.  even invited me to munch in at the post-church but i’m good for now.  my brother and sisters even brought more stuff to chomp on as my cousin visited us with her new man.  gonna be back in berkeley later tonight.  this weekend has just been nice.  and buying all of my books is due or i’ll be in trouble by the next sessions.  risks, risks. 

the week in review:

took an intern to farallon to give her a welcoming note in behalf of my team, allegedly.  i’ve got no intentions with her.  kinda got to know her and everyone says she’s fly.  still, just work.  our senior accountant declared early drinks at the department early thursday and i just wondered how our h.r. director thought of that.  she was making copies while js brought out the rocks for the drinks.  he also wanted to celebrate his 2nd year at work. 

my chinese roommate and his girlfriend arrived from china.  he had a good learning experience from the culture.  according to some of his perspective, it is normal for customers to yell at waiters, clubbers don’t show that much skin, and citizens’ civil rights aren’t as asserted.  there was a lot we talked about how his ideals subtly differed against his homecountry’s communist government.  nevertheless, he respects the system.  i would say communism had its good aspects.  every social system does.

just got off from a dental appointment and saw a homegirl walking down along market.  ended up catching up with her even though our workplaces are a block away from each other.  just busy with work.  we ended up exchanging ideas mostly about feng shui and how her relatives used and overlooked its application to their lifestyles and businesses.  ended up going to a strip club.  i guess work is work for the strippers, but i feel sorry for those pretty ladies who work there.  didn’t do anything though besides hanging out with my homegirl.  left right after to go clubbing with one circle.  recurring details.  i tend to smoke reds when i’m drunk.  i just knew i’d have a very soar throat the day after and it just happened.  one reason why i had to quit smoking.  the private lounge wasn’t bad.  these people i’ve met way back in the day from a friend’s house party days have reached their clubbing phase.  nice to see them after a long time of not partying.  we’ll see how it goes in the next coming months.  i’d be back on my laid back phase i believe.

watching the biography of our philippine’s national hero was pretty informative.  i’ve watched some versions of his life but this new one is very good.  the movie even incorporated scenes from his 2 famous books, noli me tangere and el filibusterismo.  i just didn’t know that his plans of going to europe to expose the former colony’s notoreity was because of the plans of filipino aristocrats.  he left his girlfriend just to save the country.  gave me some insight there.  patriotism really is something and it just sucks when you have to sacrifice your life to save your country.  the drive to san francisco wasn’t bad at all.

at the car show.  same thing.  it was fun seeing nice cars though.  the models?  i felt sorry for them.  the crowd was just harassing the hell out of these gorgeous women.  well, i guess the path is how it is sometimes.  ended up staying and sleeping over at a friend’s place in south san francisco while they had a drinkfest.  didn’t get to the house party in san francisco because i got tired from the show.  talked to someone whom i haven’t spoken to in a long time.  i guess i missed her, but i respect her current relationship.  i’m just glad i got to talk to her again.

sunday, woke up 6:30am for los altos.  the roads were foggy but the drive was worth it.  i miss the place.  such tranquility.  and the selfless community.  went to golden gate park for the weekly tai chi.  will see if studying supersedes the weekend sked.  i bet it will.  ended up going to mass again with friends in south city.  hung out, watched monsters, inc. and the hilarious outtakes and extras which got me emotional.  a significant other once told me that letting out the tears shouldn’t be stopped.  but i did.  i should watch it with someone i like to cuddle with next time.  went back up north to vacaville to visit as i already said my word to my mom.

still watching goldmember with the family…  be back in berkeley by late evening.


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