the day is just so nice today.  getting ready to see the exhibit and epic chronicle of jose rizal in oakland by various organizations, support a homegirl’s brother with his entry at the car show in san mateo, and attend a co-worker’s party in san francisco by the end of the evening. 

it’s so funny since drinking a lot of the overrated long islands and redbull vodkas at glas kat’s private lounge didn’t give me much of a hangover at class.  met new people, old friends, got rejected and dissed to dance with some girls and at the same time enjoyed those who accepted my offer.  it was a whole lot of fun despite me trying to fight off the dizzy alcoholic spell.  i told one homee that i’d be a regular but i guess it wouldn’t happen now because of my schedule.  but i’ll try to hang out with them once a month.  a little dash out of my pocket but the good times are worth it.

and i thought i was getting into my homebound mode.  i guess it’s an intermittent phase.  i wanted to relax and chill and just this week did my energy to go out and party hard came out.  hey, give my body some reward from all the hard work.  working full-time and going to school full-time has paid off last semester.  i aced all of my subjects.  we’ll see this semester.  this should be the last semester that i’d be working full-time in accounting, i’d be concentrating more this coming fall for the rest of my courses.  then move to the east coast and…  

we’ll see. 

i missed the rally against the war in san francisco because of class.  but i’m in a state of happiness because of several things.  a best friend of an ex called after 3 years.  told me i was the sweetest among her ex’s.  i didn’t want to get back with her though but i told her i’d be friends with nn.  nothing else.  next, i saw a homee’z ex and got introduced to this one girl who pretty much had the same goals as i do.  we’ll see what’s up.  we’d hang out again but more on studying now coz i know we’ve got similar lifestyles.  and i like that.  someone who knows what situation i’m really into.  next, just lots of productive stuff to do this weekend, and all under the sunny weather.  now how can you beat that? 

i just love it.  love it, love it, love it.  and no, i’m not on ecstasy.  those days are over now.  i’m doing a rendition of a natural high again.  but this is way more ecstatic than the rave and club scenario.

lots of reading and learning.  life is just good no matter what the troubles i get into. 

i’m back.


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