we are not human beings on a spiritual journey, but spiritual beings on a human journey –pierre teilhard de chardin, jesuit priest and paleontologist (1885 -1955)

friday, just chilled with homegirl and his man at union city.  haven’t seen her in a while since an ex of mine, one of her close friends, and i parted ways.  she’s still the same person, really friendly and street-smart at the same time.  her man, who had the same share of tough experiences and eventually grew out of it, presented his business plan to me.  not bad as it was as i knew he already had the work experience for it.  just chilled and smoked like it was the good old days.  promised i’d hang out with them despite the upcoming busy schedule.  breathed some more of the trees as we watched rented movies till early saturday morning…

not bad with catching up.


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  1. Barbs says:

    *puff* *puff* hehe~  it’s weird hanging out with friends of ex’s….most of the time, i find that it is next to impossible.  why the upcoming busy schedule?

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